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JAN 09

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"This might only be really useful in submarines, huge office buildings,..."

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A Light that Grows Greener...Literally

A chandelier that doubles as a planter pot? Ok, that sounds kind of weird, but the folks xDesign Environmental Health Clinic at New York University have actually come up with an interesting concept: filtering air with plants (nothing new) and attaching a light source to those plants (intruiging!)

Essentially, as we all move toward homes and where to get viagra offices with more insulation and fewer drafts, we are trapping unwanted air pollutants inside. This can be anything from photocopier ozone to wow look it best price generic levitra various pet pellets. Enter the Green Light. This chandelier turned flowerpot features a 6-watt LED in the centre, surrounded by plants growing from the how to buy viagra base. The LED emits specific wavelenghts of cialis and diarrhea light to encourage photosynthesis in the plants and thus:

absorb polluted air and destroy contaminants in a process called metabolic breakdown, according to Bill Wolverton, the environmental scientist and retired NASA researcher who pioneered this idea for flushing out the dirty atmosphere in long-term life-support space stations.

The LED can be powered by a solar awning, which can also charge the batteries for up to 4 days in case it's cloudy out, and it has an adjustable timer to program when to turn the lights on or off if you're away. Of course, at a price tag of $6000 apiece, I don't imagine this will be finding its way into our homes just yet.
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6 watt is still 6watt more than a window
written by robbie, January 09, 2008
And making the solar awning to wow look it levitra no rx power the LEDs also wastes energy that wouldn't have to be wasted just putting the plants on a windowsill.

Also, wasting the purchase viagra lightsource when it's dark by putting plants in front of it is something i find difficult to understand. Some companies seriously exploit the trend 'green'
written by paolo, January 09, 2008
$6000 seems fair for a pot with a light. I'll take two.
Do stupid designers really care for the
written by Stupid, January 10, 2008
This is so stupid.
Seems expensive
written by Spencer Lindsay, January 10, 2008
My Dad had a similar light in the 70's that was half lamp, half plant. You touched its leaves to turn the lamp on very good site professional viagra online and off. It was a really cool little chunk of tech and it cost him around $15.00. I think I eventually killed it by switching it on and off so many times - poor thing was exhausted. :o

This is a great idea for sealed, windowless environments, but as a previous poster mentioned, you might do generic levitra mastercard better just installing a windowbox...

Mad scientist
written by Richard Bergeron, January 12, 2008
It is a fantastic idea. I wish some of the previous posters had a more positive vision. Of course it is too expensive at this time. However, the concept of having plants filter the air will be a new science in itself.

The six watt LED grow light will allow many new inventions in itself as this is the beginning. This technology is growing faster than I can keep up. Many opportunities are growing with it. It is sites like this that will empower the World with new possibilities.

The technology is multiplying itself as we are now making much more efficient Solar Panels and lower wattage devices to be powered by them.
robbing peter to pay paul
written by Tom, February 03, 2008
This is an interesting idea, however, the sun already has this market covered. It produces the exact same energy...daily. Why not bypass the LED idea? Put your plants near the window and save the unwarranted plastics, metal, and waste. If you happen to live in a basement with zero windows, simply move plants into the space at night to where to order viagra online filter the air.

We are a consumer society that always wants more gadgets. Isn't the "greenest" option to stop making/selling pseudo-eco gadgets?
written by Joseluz, February 25, 2008
This might only be really useful in submarines, huge office buildings, or when we decide to live underground or underwater!!!!

At least it has its applications...

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