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"Zurn offers the Pint Flush and price viagra cartridge free Zurn Waterless Urinals- ..."

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Pee Standing Up...For the Earth

Green technology is everywhere! Even, apparently, in urinals. That is, at least in these EcoVantage Pint Urinals from Zurn, which the company recently announced.

While it isn't exactly designed for in-the-home use, Zurn said its eco-friendly urinals use only one pint of water per flush, compared to one gallon or more per flush in most typical urinals. The company said this results in an average savings of up to 30,000 gallons of water per urinal, per year. I guess we guys flush a lot. My solution to cheapest viagra anywhere this problem has always been to not flush but...whatever.

Already urinals used far less water than traditional toilets, part of the reason we see them so frequently. But these new units dramatically increase the savings.

However, it isn't exactly clear how this urinal saves water. Company literature suggests a "flushometer" valve is operated by an infrared "convergence-type" proximity sensor with smart technology. The valve has an internal flow regulator to "maintain constant flow rates independent of german viagra line pressures." Holy crap! Apparently urinals are a lot more complicated than they seem.

Anyhow, I hope I see these at my local drinkery soon, but judging by the fact that the current urinals seem to have been there since 1902, I somehow doubt it.

The launch of the new urinal is accompanied by a promotional website "," which I have to say is pretty fantastic. So remember guys...piss standing up, it's for your manhood, and your planet.

Via Zurn Press Release

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hardly a breakthrough
written by Matt, February 02, 2008
We have flushless urinals at my office, which use ZERO pints per flush.
waterless unrinals
written by DanJ, February 02, 2008
Yea, this does not seem to be such a step forward since there are such things as urinals that use no water at all. The new Comcast Center in Philadelphia recently used waterless urinals as part of their "greenification" efforts. Interestingly, Comcast actually had to have formal hearings with city L&I officials to buy cialis and viagra online prove that it would not be a health hazard, but eventually it did go through, and they should be up and running at this point.

written by Monotonehell, February 02, 2008
Third affirmation that waterless urinals not only exist but are in widespread use around my city (Adelaide, South Australia).
written by Ezra, February 02, 2008
I concur with everyone else. I go to school at UC Santa Barbara, and there are a bunch of waterless urinals around. They work great, and in fact I prefer them to flush ones as I don't have to touch a dirty handle to flush after using them.
written by EV, February 02, 2008
My solution to this problem has always been to not flush but...whatever.

Remind me to never use the levitra 100mg bathroom in your house.
plant food
written by littlerobbergirl, February 02, 2008
why not take it a stage further - go outside and deposit that concentrated nitrogen fertiliser back onto the land.... but dont do cheap viagra canada it straight onto a plant, you will kill it ;-)
Exactly, don't flush!
written by Tim Green, February 02, 2008
Don't flush if you use a urinal unless it's really nasty in there.

I've seen some "waterless" urinals that don't require a flush at all! That's the ideal--no wasting drinkable water for mere odor reduction.

What about splashback? Oh, nevermind...

Don't use a papertowel if you're one of the 50% who wash their hands, either. Dry your hands on your pants! Save a tree!!
written by Dan, February 02, 2008
Waterless urinals are great, but some cities haven't yet approved them for use. There are strict health and safety / building codes that many cities will need to revisit in order to continue the increased growth of waterless.
Falcon Waterfree
written by cd1940, February 03, 2008
Here is a link to approved cialis pharmacy one of the toilets I have seen in San Francisco:
written by T, February 03, 2008
wonder if there's a way to retrofit an old urinal into a flushless one?
written by Monotonehell, February 03, 2008
@T; Yes all the waterless urinals around my city were once ordinary ones. It's just a little adjustment to the plumbing and remove the flusher. They work on a urinal cake that has specialised bacteria in it.
I'll Stand Up For the Earth!
written by Steven, February 03, 2008
Well, we've got to save water somehow, so we may as well go with either how we imbibe it, or how we...well, you get it.
written by daniel, February 04, 2008
I have two things: first, like others above me, I do not see this as a great leap since there are waterless urinals all across campus at the University of Tennessee. Also, has anyone else noticed the people who flush a urinal BEFORE using it? What is the point? I guess they think their urine will be infected by the urine already sitting there and can therefore only urinate into clean water. Also as for EV saying "Remind me to never use the bathroom in your house." just remember: If it's brown flush it down, if it's yellow let it mellow.
written by knucklemeat, February 05, 2008
I noticed they are using waterless urinals in the new rest areas on the Maine turnpikes and I also like the fake fly that you cant help aim for thats in there. as far as flushing befor, Im guilty of that because I dont want to be splashed on by someone else that was there befor me
Waterless Urinals stink
written by Jasper, February 11, 2008
Literally, they stink. If they aren't taken care of levitra uk they will develop an odor. These things require daily maintenance. I looked it up on wow look it canadian healthcare pharmacy the manufacturer websites. Also, has anyone thought of the fact that the cartridges in those waterless urinals have to be disposed of? Guess where they end up? Flushing only one pint with no landfill impact and cheap generic levitra no odors sounds better to me....
Decisons, Decisons Pint or Waterless
written by SUFTE memeber, February 12, 2008
Zurn offers the Pint Flush and cartridge free Zurn Waterless Urinals- The best of both worlds for saving water! Both can be retrofitted within existing buildings to save water.For example,Zurn provided the Zurn Waterless for the Comcast buidling in Philly. It all comes down to the level of training and commitment of the in-house maintenance staff within a facility. A well trained internal housekeeping or maintenance staff can make waterless work and operate with no odor or problems . The Pint offers an alternative that delivers 85% savings with no changes to normal restroom maintenance.

We can all make a difference and save this planet! Get the viagra canada without prescription word out and keep "Standing Up" !

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