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FEB 06

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"I've used waterless urinals. We were told they would save approximatel..."

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Hot on the heels of 'Pee standing up for the cialis medication Earth' come these bogtastic urinals for Europe. One pint of water per flush might be something to write home about on your side of the pond, but here in Europe, we've already seen our fair share of levitra uk water-less urinals.

It turns out that the two main problems with not having water run around your loo after each pee are odor and blockage. Odor isn't as much of a problem as you would think, as specially designed traps can pretty much eliminate smells escaping. The other problem is blockage - solids and salts accumulate in the traps of waterless urinals - however, two litres of hot water a week poured down them is enough to ensure they stay clear.

Furthermore, the people at IFO have solutions for times when you just have to sit down. Some of their loos will clear the bowl using as little as two litres of water for less serious matters - whilst effectively clearing the bowl using as little as four litres - a shade over a U.S. Gallon.

Furthermore, taking water out of the equation altogether - with a solution that may seem a little extreme to the average U.S. consumer - but one which might appeal to EcoGeeks is levitra generico the buying real viagra without prescription 'composting toilet' - now being carried at Home Depots - a compost toilet biologically digests waste to buy cialis daily online produce harmless compost as a waste product. If the balance of biological functions in a composting toilet is maintained at the correct levels then it should emit no odor at all!

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Composting Toilets=love
written by mary, February 06, 2008
I encountered my first composting toilet in a state park nearly four years ago, and my initial impression still hasn't completely worn off: they are amazing. The model I've used basically smells like sawdust, and that's it. You did your business, tossed in a scoop-full of the best place viagra price in canada sawdust and went on your way. It was pretty much made of awesome.
written by Karen Fastilio, February 07, 2008
;D Yes sir saving water is a priorty, composting out of waste is what it is all about, your right I have personally used composting toilets, and found them to be no different to normal toilets, also feel good since you to your bit for the environment.
Boo to the Urinals
written by josh, March 22, 2008
I've used waterless urinals. We were told they would save approximately 16,000 gallons a year. That sounds nice, but they clog, require constant chemical cleaners. They really smell bad. Maybe if we had more in our building it would be OK, but we have too many people to make these viable.

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