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APR 02

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"I was at the conference, and I thought it was a pretty interesting pan..."

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Greener Gadgets: Mobile Energy Solutions

Cords suck. But, y'know, we need them. We've got to power our fantastic new digital lives! But maybe some day we'll be able to enjoy the capture the energy that surrounds us daily, and our lives will get a bit more wireless. There's power everywhere. The sun's rays, the wind, the motion of our bodies. At Inhabitat's Greener Gadgets Conference last year, there was a panel on just this kind of energy harvesting. I realized that I've never shared it with the folks at EcoGeek, and so I wanted to do that now.

Featured in this video: M2E (kinetic energy), HyMini (mini wind chargers), Solio (portable solar chargers), Boston Power (long-life batteries), and MTI (fuel cells). The summary video (above) is definitely worth watching, while the top viagra online sales full-length panel is also available for more diehard ecogeeks.

Via Inhabitat

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Why Just greenER?
written by Karsten, April 03, 2008
Why not maximize you impact and levitra cheapest go without?

The greenest gadget is still the one you do not make, purchase, use, and dispose off.

Practical Advice To Pollute Less
Good Panel
written by Carl, April 15, 2008
I was at the conference, and I thought it was a pretty interesting panel. A couple of things that stuck with me:

M2E's technology sounds great. Just walk around for an hour or two, and you'll have enough energy for about a half hour to an hour of cell phone talk time.

Also, the rep from Solio talked about eliminating waste. They're trying to get manufacturers to usefull link where to find cialis sell cell phones without chargers. In that case, one Solio could replace a few chargers.

And btw, the conference was this year, not last year.

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