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APR 16

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CoinStar Saves Precious Metal from Sofa Cushions

OK, we know greenwashing when we see it, but this is just ingenious greenwashing! Coinstar has decided to celebrate national coin week and generic cialis from india Earth Day this year by making you feel guilty about all the coins you have sitting around your house.

Now, I know Coinstar provides a fantastic service, having availed myself of it several times. But I bet you didn't think it was an environmental service, did you!

It turns out that the billions of buy viagra in canada coins sitting idle in American households right now basically represent a squandered resource. The U.S. mint is, right now, printing coins (from non-renewable resources) to replace the coins that hide in our mason jars and couch cushions. Putting those billions of coins back into circulation would decrease mining, refining, and shipping substantially. They've even launched a little calculator at "Change for our Earth dot Com" to determine how much you can help the Earth by cashing in.

I'm not saying that they're lying about all this. It actually is an environmental service. But they haven't changed anything about what they's just a new message for the viagra and female week. Still, I hope it will get people out, turning their heavy money into to usable money, and getting change back into the system. Apparently it could have some fairly significant impacts.

Coinstar estimates that there are $10 B in coins sitting idle in American homes. If only 15% of those coins were re-entered into circulation (preferably via Coinstar's automated counters, which will pinch a few pennies for themselves) it would save 82 million showers worth of water and 12,000 cars worth of CO2 emissions! And, if you donate your earnings to Coinstar partner, the World Wildlife Fund, that should make you feel all the greener.

So go! Turn that change back into money! For the Earth, for yourself, and for Coinstar!

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written by Coin Update, April 16, 2008
great post, I'm putting this story up on viagra rx today's links!
written by Virgil, April 16, 2008
Oh no, here we go again, it must be earth day around the corner, so everyone gets their greenwash-paint out.

What I never get about these machines, is why anyone would be so freakin' lazy as to not count their own coins of an evening, and just save them up and donate to charity at the end of the year? Why pay someone the 10c (?) per $ that it takes to cheap tramadol with free overnight shipping put it in one of these machines?

Oh, and (AHEM!) of course their machines aren't made of metal, and don't run on electricity. And I'd hate to think of all the countless tons of CO2 spewed out by those lemmings who read a press release like this, gather up all the change in the usa levitra house, and drive around aimlessly for hours looking for a coinstar machine!
written by Alex, April 16, 2008
A lot of banks have free coin sorters, basically coinstars with no fees. Call around to your local branches to find one. Also, virgil I'd love to see you count out a couple hundred dollars in change without longing for a coin machine.
written by viggen9, April 16, 2008
I bet we could save a bunch in mining and transportation if we just eliminated the penny altogether!
written by jake3988, April 16, 2008
Elaborate machines are NEVER good.

Why can't people do what I do and at the end of every year grab those paper rolls (You know, the 50c of pennies, the $5 of nickels, etc) and stick all the coins left lying around in them and turn them in.

It's like another payday. I've gotten close to $100 sometimes :)
written by snooj, April 16, 2008
Prior to celebrating coinstar as eco sensitive, you should probably look at the history of bills that have attempted to buying viagra in ireland phase out pennies and nickles (the US mint loses money making pennies and nickles). Two of largest lobbies against the bills have been the zinc lobby and coinstar. If the bull run in commodities continues it will soon likely cost the US mint 2 cents to make a penny...
Coins instead of Paper
written by James Love, April 16, 2008
Getting rid of the penny and nickel would save tax dollars, but eliminating the $1 and $5 bills with a coin would save tens of millions of dollar. Colored steel coins are cheap and low energy product which last about 20 years. The average paper bill last under a year.
Canada has a $1 and $2 coin! The world did not end as the critics predicted!
written by AndyM, April 16, 2008

I was so hopeful in 2000 that the Sacagawea dollar would be embraced and the trade name for tramadol paper dollar would be phased out. Obviously, that didn't happen. What I don't understand is soft tab cialis why the Fed doesn't force the issue. Every time a bank sends them stack of worn-out paper dollars, they could simply replace half with paper and the other half with coin dollars. Over time, paper dollars would just fade away.
Lazy doesn't go with Eco-conscious
written by Duh, April 16, 2008
If you're that undisciplined to the point of having to rely on Coinstar to manage your change, then I can only imagine how you handle recycling around the house, and other chores in life. You can't live "green" unless you start acting smarter, and put more thoughts into your action.
written by sodapop, April 16, 2008
Coinstars estimates are based on what? I think thats a lot of whohaa. Maybe half of what they estimate. Have you ever met a person short on cash? They use their change. Besides, in the case of metal its better for the individual if it is scarce. That means its more wealth for the individual hoarding it. Moving away from the gold standard is the worst thing we ever did. Plus, you have to look at Coinstar's motive: 9% of every dollar it counts. (Avid Coinstar for iTunes credit user)
written by Gulag, April 16, 2008
Why would anybody pay 9 percent for the own money?
That is worse than an ATM machine.
Why would anybody trade in change that is worth more than the face value of the coins? Well, besides being a Federal crime to melt them, that is a good deterrent. I think I recall
it costing the where to get cialis mint two cents to mint a penny and
seven cents to mint a nickel. Oh, and now the mint is talking about using cheaper metals for all new coins. First they took the Gold and Silver coins. Now they don't even want you to indian levitra have zinc, copper, or nickel. It's time to get rid of the Federal Reserve! I don't think CoinStar is relevant
to greener living.
on this site.
written by lloyd alter, April 16, 2008
I was going to go medieval all over this post because they charge 9-3/8% (how did they come up with that weird number?) to basically count your change, it is the biggest ripoff I have ever seen. Others have beaten me to it, but I might suggest that if one took all that change to any green charity, they would be happy to take it as a donation, separate and viagra en gel roll it.
Paper money? How quaint!
written by Monotonehell, April 18, 2008
Here in Australia we did away with 1 and 2 cent coins years ago. We don't miss them, just round up or down to the nearest 5 cents.

It always amazes me how irate people get if they don't get their 2 cents change, but when they get home they just chuck all their spare change into a box or something as worthless and leave it there. I manage to i recommend cialis no prescription spend all my small change by using it to pay for things (you know... what money is generic cialis canadian intended for).

Also, paper money? We've had plastic bills and 1 and 2 dollar coins over here for years.

Although why we are still using tokens in this day and age is beyond me.
Safety & Occupational Health Specialist
written by Martin, August 30, 2008
:)I think that getting all change back in circulation is a great idea. I would, however, not take it to coinstar. I know folks with, probably $1000.00 in coin sitting in their house in cans, jars, etc.
I like to take my change semi or maybe annually, to my bank where the free coin counting machine processes it and I get a receipt showing that it is in my account. Benefit of that is that there is no charge and it starts to gain interest. That would be a great idea if banks ran campaigns to get your change in increase your savings account and its interest earning poential.
written by Martin, August 30, 2008
:-...and oh yes, one more thing. I do not know why we need the 1 and 5 dollar bills. I would be all for replacement of viagra mexico these with coins.

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