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World's First Virus-Filtering Water Bottle

Talk about truly practical eco-tech.


The Lifesaver is a portable water filter system, offering clean water from any water source. Setting aside how handy this is for backpacking, this could be a huge leap forward for ensuring safe drinking water in developing countries, disaster areas, or war zones where clean water is in short supply. And it’s far more palatable than other icky but earth-friendly water filtration ideas.


The inventor is Michael Pritchard, who thought of the concept in response to recent natural disasters. The basic science is in creating a filter smaller than the smallest virus, which is 25 nanometers across. The filter, therefore, has holes 15 nanometers across, successfully trapping even the feistiest of disease-causing bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and other waterborne pathogens. It is the it's great! cialis tablet world’s first filtration water bottle to visit our site bestellen levitra online achieve such thorough filtration.


The most important feature of the Lifesaver is the fact that it is discount online cialis useable by anyone, even children. Unscrew the base, dip it in a water source, screw the base back on, and quickly pump the water through the filter. The user can then drink the water right from the bottle. And the the best place order propica filters are replaceable, but they won’t need to be replaced often – each filter can treat over 1050 gallons of water before shutting itself off at expiration, making them that much more practical and canada cialis online safe. Even better, zero chemicals are used! Creating something that is so simple to use, yet provides a truly high-tech solution is a really big deal for disaster relief.


While pretty expensive for an individual to purchase ($460), these are affordable for governments and organizations to purchase and provide in relief efforts or to soldiers. This is a serious wonder-tool, but you kinda have to stop and think, “Why didn’t we have this already?” Thank you Michael Pritchard.


Via Inhabitat

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written by Hanna Em, June 02, 2008
Truly awesome idea. I was thinking the same things, great for backpacking and why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

Bear Grylls needs one so he can stop drinking his own pee :-p
written by charlene, June 02, 2008
I think it could be marketed and sold as a replacement to bottled water.
Toxic chemicals are smaller than viruses
written by Earl Killian, June 03, 2008
15nm is too large to filter salt, lead, and some pesticides.
written by Virgil, June 03, 2008
"No chemicals are used". Oh yeah? Then what is the plastic bottle made out of?

This is no better than in the late 1980's, when laundry detergent manufacturers in the UK started shilling concentrated versions of viagra pills their products that use "less chemicals". Since such products can only ever be comprised of 100% chemicals, it's hard to see the logic!

And I fail to see how the $450 price tag is even remotely relevant to a person hit by a natural disaster in a third-world country. It's not even a relevant price tag for most of the people who read this board and might buy such a device for hiking/camping, unless they have money to burn. That kind of cash will buy you a decent tent, or a new canoe, or lots of hiking boots.

written by frisbee, June 03, 2008
Any kind of water? I guess this doesn't acount for sea water, does it?

@Virgil. You're right about the price. Much to canadian levitra scam high for most people in 3rd world countries. Hope price will come down very much soon.
About the chemicals: of course chemicals are used to produce the discount levitra india thing. The beauty of it is that it doesn't require any 'free' chemicals when in use.
written by Chris Kringle, June 03, 2008
Why not use a Steripen? Much cheaper and pfizer cialis 50mg smaller.
written by Chaos Motor, June 03, 2008
"Bear Grylls needs one so he can stop drinking his own pee"

Somehow I don't think that would stop him.
written by Arco, June 04, 2008
Yes, they are too expensive.

Perhaps it is possible to rent them to refugees after a natural disaster with flexible payment options.

Alternately, they could be manufactured in China.
That price is ludicrous
written by Jason, June 04, 2008
lifestraw is canada cialis no prescription a better attempt
Clearing water with solar energy
written by Van der Harg, June 08, 2008
A cheap alternative to clean water is found here:

In the evaporation process, impurities such as salt, heavy materials and microbiological organisms are totally removed.
House Filter
written by Eric, August 23, 2008
Install your own Reverse Osmosis Water filter. Get help at
written by Water Guy, January 24, 2009
Sawyer was doing viral protection in small filters for years before this "world's first" advertisement came out. Unfortunately, the filter itself in this one takes up most of the room in the bottle.
written by D-Bag, August 04, 2009
The price is only $149 at this point.

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