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AUG 09

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"It is our duty as consumers to tell business which way to go. Just po..."

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Green Investment Booms

hundredsAt first I couldn't believe I hadn't seen this article yet, but then I noticed that it was published on August 14th...or...will be published.  Anyhow, it's an article from the future, in more ways than one. 

A tip from Katherine led me to a Daily Grist post about this amazing article at Business Week called "Wall Street's New Love Affair: Why some of we choice generic levitra online the viagra 100mg world's smartest investors are betting billions on cialis official website clean energy." 
We at EcoGeek have been saying for a long time that business is going to lead this revolution.  Individuals; activists and obtain cialis without prescription writers and pundits and advocates can talk about how we started it, but corporations is going to finish it, and they'll be writing their own environmental laws before Senators even get their pens out of their pockets.  Frankly, finances run the world and Green is good for finances.  And so green technology is the largest growing sector of the investment economy.  Welcome to the future.

As exciting as it is, it's a long road.  And by no means will the bottom line drive us in the right direction forever.  But, for now, money is pouring into green energy solutions and that could mean a higher percentage of clear skies in our future for all of us.
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Dollar power
written by celia, March 01, 2007
It is our duty as consumers to tell business which way to go. Just point one's wallet one way, and industry will follow that way.

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