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Quantifying An Infinite Bounty

Frankly, it's hard to put a pricetag on the only for you cheap levitra order online Earth. I mean, if we were offered the prospect of live in a vacuum, would we pay a million billion quadrillion dollars for the Earth? Yes..I think we would.

But calculating the value of services that the environment provides us has become a useful tool. And, though some greens may cry and say that nature shouldn't be valued in dollars, I say that it can be valued in many ways and dollars have their place.


So, hats off to Robert Costanza who, in 1997, calculated the services the Earth provides humans to be worth roughly 33 trillion dollars per year. Wham! Take that global economy! You think you're so big with your billions of cialis brand dollars in trade revenue...try 33 trillion a year, and it's not even trying.

Costanza and crew have just embarked on another, even larger project. They hope to make it simple for anyone in the viagra online best price world to determine the economic value of any particular place on the planet.

"Land use planners, county commissioners, investment bankers, anyone who is interested," Cosntanza said, "will be able to go on the Web, use our new models, and be able to identify a territory and start getting answers."

They've got a huge base of experts working on the project already, along with an $860,000 grant. In terms of fees, getting paid $860,000 to appraise something worth roughly $33 trillion is a pretty harsh deal. But, then again, we're not in it for the money are we Mr. Costanza.

Via PhysOrg

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Ghosn Wants to Make a Counter Offer
written by a guest, August 15, 2006
Um, suppose the Overlords ante up. Where would we move? I hate moving.
written by a guest, August 25, 2006
this is kool and i woulsd like it

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