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JUL 03

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"I would love to go back to the bag-in-box milk we used to get when I w..."

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New Milk Jugs Are Efficient, So Quit Whining That They’re Weird

Figuring out ways to make packaging as efficient as possible has been on the minds of many manufacturers. Milk cartons and levitra online sale jugs are notorious for being inefficient space-wise for transporting from dairy to buy viagra online cheap store, but a new design changes all that, eliminating wasted space and time in shipping and shelving. However, people don’t like change and like to complain, and so many folks are giving the new cartons a hard time. Yes, they’re shaped kind of weird and you have to pour a little differently, but so what? If it equates to taking trucks off the road and saving massive amounts of water because the crates that old-style cartons are shipped in (which birds roost in and poop on) have to be washed, then it seems to me we should quit crying over spilled milk and learn how to pour.

The newly designed milk jugs are just the first of many package changes on the horizon. With the enter site mexico levitra higher gas prices, getting the most product into one truck load is a big deal, and fitting as much on the shelves in one delivery is important because that means using that much less energy to keep refrigerators cool since fuller fridges use less energy. Add in efficiency in the packing process and cutting down on labor, and the jugs equal a big cost savings to cialis soft tabs online dairies, stores, and consumers. I have no doubt that should these new jugs pan out, other beverage package manufacturers will follow suit. The new milk jugs cut truck shipments of milk to a typical Sam's Club from 4-5 down to 2 per week, and the cardboard and shrinkwrap used in the packing are recycled (says the article...), while the need for stacking, hauling and washing crates is enter site levitra generic eliminated.

The only belly-aching I’ll do about this revamp of the milk carton is that I don’t think it’ll be widespread for awhile longer becauase it may take some more design tweaking to please consumers. That means it’ll take some time before we see the viagra for less in the usa jugs contain recycled materials (though they are indeed made of india oversight pharmaceuticals exports viagra recyclable plastic), and some time before I can get my weekly gallon of organic milk in it. Of course, it may catch on viagra on line sooner than we think…

Via NYTimes; Photo via iMorpheus

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written by Mad Marcus, July 03, 2008
Nice condescending attitude...are you having a bad day or something? Efficient packaging is a fine thing, but consumers also have the right to an opinion on design and functionality. We are, after all, footing the bill. Try to gain some's not as if we're saving the planet by re-designing a few beverage containers. And asserting that anyone who would dare 'whine' about this fantastic, revolutionary packaging is somehow less environmentally conscious is ridiculous. It's exactly that sort of holier-than-thou environmentalism that turns most people off.

Why not mandate that all milk must be sold in powdered's more efficient to cialis no prescription needed transport, after all. Hey, while we're at it, we should require that all potato chips be smashed into little pieces because they would fit in smaller bags! Now we're rolling!
We've had these all the time
written by No I will not give you my bloody name, why would I do that?, July 03, 2008
We've had these all the time in Norway. The paper ones, that is.
Whiny Post
written by Tom Saxton, July 03, 2008
Mad Marcus,

Your comment would be more effective if it weren't so whiny, but the sarcasm it's the sarcasm that really kills your argument.
written by Niklas J, July 03, 2008
In sweden too...what's the big deal...they poor very well!
written by ChrisAN, July 03, 2008
Seriously? They can not pour milk? Really? The jug has a round opening, normal milk jugs have a round opening, this one is a bit bigger. Is it that hard to figure out? If they have to be taught how to pour something I wonder how they got through a high school chemistry class. I mean, seriously?
written by scanner, July 03, 2008
Bags are the way to go - easy to transport, far less waste - 3 liter bags in a single "holder" bag. Canada's been using them for years.
written by Pidge, July 03, 2008
Eh, we've never had anything different in Ireland (not in my twenty years, anyway). Transport aside, you also have to refrigerate far less space, since they pack into a smaller area. They open and pour perfectly.
written by Corban, July 03, 2008
Fuller fridges use less energy PER POUND OF FOOD.
Fuller fridges use more energy overall.

Mathematically: Judging on the basis of O/I vs. just I

I think the distinction is important. Efficiency is a vital metric in many environmental issues.
Of course...
written by George, July 03, 2008
They're only environmentally friendly if you ignore the huge impacts of the dairy industry.
This is sad indictment of the USA
written by Milly, July 04, 2008
Most of the developed world has been using this exact form of purchase viagra no rx milk packaging for over a decade (maybe more). To me it demonstrates how profligate the USA has been in wasting the world's resources all in the name of 'consumer choice'.

In the same way, you guys whinge about $4.00gallon fuel, yet most developed countries are paying > $6.00 gallon.

Cop it sweet. I think you are in for a big fall.
Cartons and bags
written by smithinparis, July 04, 2008
In Canada, we've been using both milk cartons (like those shown in the graphic) and milk bags for decades. Aside from being brought up on powdered milk many, many, many years ago, I can't recall using anything other than either bags or cartons.
And yes, they pour just fine - both the bags and carton.
written by Clinch, July 04, 2008
Surely it would make more sense to have the picture of the new milk jug, rather than the picture of the old style box cartons.

Also, new milk-jug still isn't as space efficient as box-cartons.
Although this is a good step int he right direction, but probably need a bit of redesign (unless someone brings out a 'dummy's guide' to pouring milk).
written by Russell Reynolds, July 04, 2008
Oh North-Americans and our unwillingness to adapt to change. Seriously there are more things out there to only today canadian viagra and healthcare worry about than how 'difficult' it is to pour some milk. I bet I could make some sort of screw on spout for the jugs and make millions! ....... That's my idea! I'm filing the lowest price cialis patent right now!
blog over spilt milk
written by Ben, July 04, 2008
OK so the addon pour spout (like the one on a fuel can)
will come fro someone like Tuperware.
The battery power pump will come from Ronco maybe ?
Then the tap (lay the jug on its side in refridgerater)
who knows ?
The poor man who concieved all these utterly simple solutions doesn't have a chinamans chance.
Give People Some Time
written by Proud Human Supremacist, July 04, 2008
It'll take time for us to get used to it, but it'll happen. Acting like everyone should just shut up and deal with it is why a lot of people can't stand environmentalists. And if you don't like dairy farms, then just rot as your body loses everything we get from milk. Believe it or not, life wasn't so great before we had as this terrible polluting technology.
written by tula, July 07, 2008
Anybody have a picture of these "new" cartons? I have never seen them, so I don't know what all the fuss is about.
written by Clinch, July 07, 2008
Tula, the link at the bottom of the article (the "Via NYTimes" one) has several pictures.

The old style ones curve in towards the top to the pour-hole, and a handle on we choice real levitra without a prescription one side, the new ones are more cuboid (even flat on top) with the cialis daily pour-hole being in one top-corner, and the handle along an edge (rather than a side).
written by tula, July 07, 2008
Thanks! Those look interesting. I can see how they might be more difficult to pour for those used to the old style. As for me, well, I'm lactose intolerant, so unless Lactaid changes their packaging, too, I won't have to worry about using these ;D
written by Virgil, July 08, 2008
I think a lot of the above posters are missing the point - the photo provided on EcoGeek is not the carton being talked about here.

The photo above is a regular cardboard (waxed paper) type carton, which holds 1/2 a gallon, and is made by tetra-pak and other companies, and as you all say has been in use in Europe (and in the US for orange juice) for many decades.

The carton the article is about, is made of PLASTIC and is a gallon container. Follow the link to the NYT article and you'll see what they're talking about.

As for the whole premise that dairy is in any way "green", that's for another day. Buying organic milk is one thing, buying it in a plastic container that may or may not be recycled/recycle-able, is another! Buying it from Sam's club where it's been shipped thousands of miles, as opposed to buying it fresh at the local farmer's market, is again a large problem.

Personally I don't know anyone who buys milk in gallon jugs - who the hell drinks plain milk these days anyway? It's all we can do (family of good choice cheapest cialis online 3) to get through a half gallon a week, and that includes putting it in coffee and on granola at breakfast time. Drinking milk straight out of a glass is just icky.
written by josh, July 10, 2008
It wouldn't be hard to make a spout, one end screws on the jug and the best place soft gel levitra the cap screws onto the spout. Or the jug makers could make a flexible retracting spout. Milk is too expensive to buy ultram generic buy any way.
written by Cheap new milk jugs save money, July 11, 2008
I can't wait to try out one of these milk jugs. It saves money, is environmentally better, and easier to transport.

As for what Virgil said (two comments above), I blast through some plain milk. My family usually drinks about 2 gallons a week :)
written by noone, July 14, 2008
I think a lot of the above posters are missing the point - the photo provided on EcoGeek is not the carton being talked about here.

Actually, it's the blog author (Jaymi Heimbuch) who is missing the point by posting the click now levitra free pills wrong photo. C'mon Jaymi, sharpen up!
carton pourer
written by vince, August 31, 2008
is screw in milk carton pourer helpful

the price isn't though !!

Price: $24 freight per pair

Name: Medco Medical Sales & Service

Price: $24 freight per pair

Date: 11/07/2007
Details: Code H5768 - can order in.
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Does nyone know of where to get these at a more reasonable price ?
written by Dean Lane, December 01, 2008
I have developed a much better bottle than this one. (which has recently hit the market) Having interlocks on all 6 sides, it is stackable both vertically and horizontally saving space in refrigerators. It pours very nicely and is much more recyclable as it is made from PETE plastic. (recycling code #1)Our new bottles are also available in 100% bio-degradable plastic. Please see my website.
I look forward to reading your comments.
Bag-in-box is better
written by Kathy, January 25, 2009
I would love to go back to the bag-in-box milk we used to get when I was a kid. Something about it -- frothy, cold, plenty . . . easy to store. What could be better.

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