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JUL 21

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"This is very bad happening with Intel..... why you Sue them, If not do..."

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Intel Stole our Logo AND They Suck at Apologies

There's a little section in the most recent issue of indian levitra WIRED on "how to apologize." After Intel stole my logo, and got caught doing it, I think maybe they should have probably have read it. As WIRED says, "the unapologetic apology marks you as a pathetic weeny." You can read the full letter at the bottom of this article.

WIRED's steps for apologizing properly:

  1. Come Clean Quickly: Intel did a fairly good job of this, sending me an email within 48 hours.
  2. Avoid weasel words (I'm sorry if you...") that shift blame: Yeah, Intel used the weasel words. They were sorry if I was angry. As if the whole thing is my fault.
  3. Make Good: They didn't give me anything...not even a proper apology.

If they'd have offered me an interview with a midlevel executive or given me a scoop on the best choice levitra 50 mg some green technology, I would've been more than satisfied. But they stole my logo...and then they didn't even say they were sorry.

I do want to it's great! pfizer levitra cheap make one thing clear. I like Intel. I think they do lots of great things and canadian healthcare pharmacy work hard for the link for you buy levitra pills environment. I have friends who work at environmental orgs that are funded almost solely by Intel. I know that this has nothing to do with the company as a whole, but we were surprised by their lack of courtesy through this entire process.

Honestly, the biggest surprise of the whole thing was the response from the Internet. Over a hundred thousand people came by to show their support, there were fake Intel logos and stories all across the internet. So thanks for that, I think Intel got the message...they'll certainly be more careful in the future.

Thanks everyone for your hard work on behalf of EcoGeek. And if you've never been here before, welcome. We write about all the propecia uk cost various and powerful ways in which our brains are saving our planet.

If that sounds interesting to you, take a look around. Or just sign up for our RSS feed.


I work in Intel's Mobility Group, and I'm sorry it has taken us some time to get back to you, but in good old fashion Intel culture we wanted to look into this in-depth before contacting you.

We could make a lot of online cialis prescription excuses about this, but if you were surprised and angered about it, we apologize. We didn't intend to cialis generic canada imply either association with or an endorsement by EcoGeek through use of your logo - it is a very cool graphic.

We have already begun taking steps to pull the logo from all of our material and hope to have that completed today.


Karen Regis
Director of Mobile Consumer Marketing
Intel Corporation

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written by JAS, July 21, 2008
where's the email?

lame post
written by Alain, July 21, 2008
Here in Canada, the Liberal Party (Opposition Party) started using "The Green Shift" as a name for it's environmental policy, they are now getting sued buy a company by the same name for 7.6 million... Think of all the Teslas you could buy. And buy me one too.
written by Ali, July 21, 2008
Boo Intel! :(
written by Sarah-Jane, July 21, 2008
If I would were you, I'd be pretty pissed off. Pull a lawyer scare and then see if they offer you anything to let it go.

Or better yet, thank them for their interest in your logo and let them know the charge for their one-time use is a new Intel-powered computer.

I can't believe they did this! That's amazingly stupid!
written by Preston, July 21, 2008
It's an apology without an admission of *liability*. I'd say it's probably as good as it gets in terms of an email, but they should have tried to curry favor in some way.
written by Kate, July 21, 2008
at least you got a personalized response. i was actually quite surprised that the response seemed so personal and, if not genuine, at least it wasn't cold.
Hah! They didn't mean to imply an associ
written by Cheez, July 21, 2008
As if Ecogeek's public image were the major concern. Screw individual rights, as long as everyone looks good.
That Non-apology is made of buy real cialis online fail
written by Kristen, July 21, 2008
Wow, that was not in any way an apology. I'd expect something a little more from a huge company like Intel. They should have offered something like free advertising, or I don't know, something to make you not hate them and viagra canada cheap spread how poorly they handled the situation.

Bad Intel, Bad! *shakes finger*
written by IamIan, July 21, 2008
Ecogeek has every right to control its logo.

What they were doing was VERY ecogeek worthy... putting the buy viagra pill Ecogeek logo on product like this that gets reduces power usage by 40% would have been a good thing.

They apologized more so than most companies would have, and pulled the ecogeek logo from the eco friendly product... I admit, I have my doubts about the benefits of the results.
written by Josh, July 21, 2008
I wonder what would have happened had you found an Intel Inside logo to be a "very cool graphic" and used it to promote a new service :)
eco-geek logo
written by The Food Monster, July 22, 2008

Does this mean that anybody can use the eco-geek logo for a 48 hour promotional period, as long as we pull it after and send a half-apology?
Not much of an apology..
written by FlintZA, July 22, 2008
But at least their little stunt garnered a fair amount of press attention on the web and should drive some readers your way ;)
written by Virgil, July 22, 2008
They're a 9.5 BILLION dollar company (annual revenues). This e-mail cost them nothing. Go after them for every penny.
Shame on Intel for hiring cheap designer
written by Randy, July 22, 2008
Intel contracted a designer, who found your logo in Google images and STOLE it. So are Intel executives like Karen Regis to blame? ABSOLUTELY, YES. People like Karen LOVE to take shortcuts and cut costs in areas they don't understand. Karen doesn't want to pay a designer's fair wage, so she hires nincompoops who cut and paste from google images into Microsoft Paint.
Ease up on the spam filtering!
written by John Galt, July 22, 2008
What's up with your spam filtering? I have been trying to post a comment here for the past ten minutes but it keeps getting flagged as spam.
You need to take action
written by Curtis, July 22, 2008
I think you should take some sort of action against Intel, otherwise they WILL walk over people in the future. Large corporations are given too much power and they need to be reminded from time to time that WE are the reason they make so much money.

I will very disappointed if you do not take further action.
written by IamIan, July 22, 2008
john galt,

you have to online pharmacy no prescription tramadol wait patiently...

When you click add comment you have to wait... as in don't hit the button a second time... don't do anything to that page until your comment appears... it has sometimes taken ~2 minutes after I click the best price levitra add comment button before it posts... then if you try to post again too quickly the system stops you... I normally try to wait an hour or so between comments to avoid having to retype.
Humble logo designer.
written by Freezerbee, July 22, 2008
Meh. A lukewarm apology is better than nothing I s'pose. I'm totally putting this letter next to the logo in my portfolio.

Anybody else need a kickass logo designed? All of the behemoth computer corporations in your neighborhood will be sooo jealous. They'll be (dare I?) "green" with envy.
Seriously hire a lawyer
written by John Babcock, July 22, 2008

In such a situation, a company who uses any logos must clear copyright control before employing it in any design. Regardless of the designer, it is the production department's responsibility to assess, clear, and ultimately use any logo/graphic in their design. Even though they promise to pull all graphics from their promotional material, chances are it will exist in cyberspace (and possibly printed material too) for time to come. Document each circumstance, calculate cost, and hire a lawyer.

If the many posts and recommended site obtain cialis without prescription online visits indicate the value detracted from your brand (and it doesn't matter if you are not selling products) you should be compensated by their irresponsibility.

Your thoughtful, elegant logo does have a value, so don't let a half-thought apology from someone who is not associated with their legal department suffice. Good luck with it, and settle for far more than a computer. Ask yourself how much you would charge Intel had they approached you to ordering viagra overnight delivery license or sell your logo. Take Care, John
Don't take that for an answer
written by Jas, July 23, 2008
I think you need to follow up and get something from them. That's the weakest freakin' apology I've ever seen.
written by Lisa, July 23, 2008
I have to agree with John- after reading the apology I would at least pursue responding with the intent of hiring a lawyer. There are copyright laws for a reason and Intel is a large enough company to be well aware of the consequences of breaching them. His point of how much would you sell your logo to them if they approached you was a valid one. Despite being the lamest apology on the face of the planet- theft really is inexcusable and they should be held accountable.
Best of luck!
written by Maria Surma Manka, July 23, 2008
JAS - the email's at the end of the post.
written by Rosa R., July 27, 2008
When I read that "apology", it felt sooooo empty!!! Pathetic excuse for an apology especially from someone who's supposed to be a Director of anything and just as a whole from such a big company who you would "think" would get this done right and get this done professionally. Shame on them! I wonder if anbody at Intel, any of cialis no prescription needed quick delivery her supervisors/higher-ups are even scolding her for such a half-assed "apology".

And I TOTALLY agree with Mr.John Babcock. He makes several good points! I'm sorry that this happened to you due to some idiot who didn't do their hw or didn't think they'd get caught and was trying to find a short-cut. What a dumbass. I mean, isn't everything done so legally, supposedly, from patents on uk viagra sales just paper to copyrights of all sorts like names of a product or a company? You definitely deserve more than what they just gave you, it's just good business, they f*cked up majorly and wow it's great ordering levitra online then send you some half-hearted apology. I couldn't and just wouldn't think any big company with a right mind would do such a thing! Terrible! You should post this in every way you can, like youtube and stuff. I think I'll see if this has had more publicity. Something like this, even if seemingly small to a BIG company like this, I'm sure would have had bad publicity, and no, to a company like that, not ALL publicity is cialis soft tabs GOOD publicity.

On a good note, I'm glad I found "your" awesome site not too long ago by the way! I'm amazed at how much work goes into this and how you are always on top of stuff. It definitely has that very personal feel to it, hard work, know what they're doing (you that is, lol) and just plain smart and oh, dedicated as well! Love YOU!!!

Rosa R. ;)

PPS. I TOTALLY LOVE THIS AWESOME SITE, LOVE YOUR GOAL!! GO HANK!!! WE NEED MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU unlike the levitra overnight uncaring, inconsiderate, thoughtless, ignorant, and the blinded and moronic skeptics!!! On another good note.....YOU ROCK! Muah!
get SOMETHING from this!
written by Eric, July 29, 2008
I know you don't want to be greedy or turn into some kind of nut, but couldn't you get SOMETHING from this ordeal? You could run ecogeek for the next few years on a beautiful new system designed by Intel. Grab something. At least maybe a nice fully spec'd umpc for updating ecogeek on the go, eh?
shoe on other foot
written by Mark Kiernan, August 02, 2008
If you used their logo without permission they could close down your site or just sue you. I think you should seek legal advice.
Seriously, you deserve compensation
written by DigitalMind, August 18, 2008
That's just the way the world works. Big company steals logo, gets caught, pays off the person they stole it from. At the very least I would have insisted on a few PC's or something like that.

It's very kind of ecogeek to not have taken it further, I would ..
I'm Angry with Intel
written by Sally G, August 21, 2008
What INtel did was just plain sleazy. I remember when NBC wanted to change from their peacock logo and switched to a red and blue N. It just happened to belong to a local station, who pursued it, and I believe got conpensation as well as their exclusive logo back. I believe Pace University Grad School legal students do pro bono work, at least they did when Hudson RiverKeeper started up, so maybe you could check into that, orsomething similar. If you don't have time for that, at least maybe send out a press release to design magazine groups and organizations. They would certainly be interested in theft of a designer's work.
Thanks for all you do,
written by money maker, September 25, 2008
written by logo design packages, September 14, 2013
This is very bad happening with Intel..... why you Sue them, If not doing that then people always trying to do this again. This is not mean that anybody can use the logo for a promotional time period, as long as we pull it after and send a half-apology.

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