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OCT 17

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New Japanese Airport Will Be Cooled With Snow

Starting in 2010, the New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido, Japan will collect snow in the winter to it's great! canada generic viagra provide 30% of the terminal building’s cooling needs in the summer.

The snow will be covered by heat-insulating materials, which should retain about 45% of the snow collected. The remaining snow will then be used to chill the liquid of the building’s cooling system. According to Japan Today, the practice could result in a 2,100 ton reduction in CO2 emissions per year.

This process isn’t new to Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, which receives between 20 and 30 feet of snowfall a year. The island has been experimenting with cooling systems using their icy resource since 1998 and has already installed systems in smaller public buildings.

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written by greenguru4u, October 17, 2008
We need more innovative thinking like this in America!
written by Ken Roberts, October 17, 2008
Wow I'm impressed.
Brilliant concept
written by Sanskriti, October 19, 2008
I really like this idea... I wish more countries would start up with this kind of facility... Imagine the amount of reduction in emissions... Certainly a good technique!
How about old fashioned ice houses?
written by Carl, October 20, 2008
I guess at the airport they have to plow the snow anyway. For a city near a water source (river), how about making a large insulated ditch with removable cover-- fill it in the winter and buy cheapest levitra let it freeze, then use it for cooling in the summer.
What about...
written by Crystal, October 21, 2008
the effect on the water cycle in that environment? It sounds like a good idea, I just have to wonder. Does the reduction in CO2 emissions outweigh any other potential environmental hazards? (I am not coming from an educated position on this one - just mere speculation.)
Just like the use of brand viagra without prescription buy ice-chillers in the
written by Michael, October 22, 2008
This is the same principle/concept utilized in the southwest of utilizing large chillers to create ice at night (when electricity rates are "off-peak"), and then using that ice during the day to cialis in usa provide cooling to a building vs. running that chiller during the day (when electricity rates are at "peak"). But, certainly, the snow is best online tramadol price relatively "free". It does cost to gass up the trucks to plow it to concentrate the amount of snow pack, and there's emmissions that go with that. So, is it really "green"? We won't know for awhile.
written by ralph, October 23, 2008
the article states this system will save more than 2100 tons of CO2 per year.
a long haul flight typically results in approx 1 tonne of co2 per person.
lets say each flight carries 200 people. the annual environmental benefit of this cooling system will be wiped out within a few hours.
maybe more high speed rail would be more environmentally sound.
written by Brian, October 26, 2008
I wonder how dense the snow could collect in a system like this. Maybe adding a small amount of water to the system could form a more efficient block of ice (maybe too heavy?) I dunno. Just thinking out loud.
The runoff in the summer could be used for maintaining landscaping, etc.
written by Dave, October 30, 2008
Everything old is new again -

The Famous author John Mcphee ("Comming Into the Country" among others) wrote about this in one of his books in the early 1980's. There was a system up and running in New Jersey, I believe at Princeton. The snow was made during the winter with snow guns (much less energy use than mechanical chillers) and then covered for use in the summer. I still have the book at home, I believe it was "The Deltoid Pumpkin Seed". Of course, you do need some land area. The snow guns today use less energy then they did back then, so the cheap viagra 50mg technology should be even more favorable
written by Home Equity Loan Rates, December 01, 2008
Wow, that's possible? Hope every other countries would follow this trail. (for those with snow, of course) smilies/wink.gif
written by Dan, May 21, 2009

The Japanese already have high speed rail. They still need aircraft to travel from one island to another or to other countries. Building tunnels or bridges that could replace this is simply not possible with current technology.

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