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DEC 19

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"a hat is always pointed at the sun, how about makeing one out of solar..."

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PV Shades Give New Meaning To Word “Sunglasses”

Thanks to find discount cialis thin films and generic viagra from india - in this case - dye-sensitized cells, designers can put solar panels pretty much anywhere. The fact that Hyun-Joong Kim and Kwang-Seok Jeong, the two designers created the SIG (self-energy converting sunglasses) probably has less to do with the inherent brilliance of this creation, and more to do with the fact that they were looking at a pair of sunglasses one day and said “Hey! What if we put SOLAR CELLS in these?”

Still, at least they actually did it... although it would take a lot of guts to actually wear them in public, even if the things do power your iPod. They aren’t exactly Ray Bans. Also, last time I checked solar cells worked best when positioned to face the sunlight. But people don’t like to look into the sunlight, even when wearing sunglasses. Seems like a waste to make solar cells that will end up capturing so much less energy than they could in another application.

Via Cleantechnica

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written by Tom, December 19, 2008
Cool concept, but like you stated, not practical. Kind of reminds me of that solar jacket for the ipod.
written by Julien, December 20, 2008
If I remember correctly, the dye mentioned here allows the light to not hit at a direct angle and still gather a substantial proportion of the energy. I understand that there will be considerably less sunlight, but still...

Also, I think they look pretty futuristic and cool. I'd take a pair!
written by Jeffery Miller, December 21, 2008
I'll take a pair!
written by QAndria Bty, December 21, 2008
The idea of solar protectiopn is futuristic, and almost barbric that at this time and space it does not exist through the continents of the world, but I respect people like yu who disseminate the data to make it all happen in reality with your love of human conditions the spaces in time where free will is often confused with a lack of knowledge as opposed to the written laws of nsture for us to exist in a
perpetual clean and clear minded environment.
written by James, December 25, 2008
I will take a pair. Can you order them?
written by joel, December 26, 2008
wait, maybe i'm slow...what do you use the energy in your sunglasses for?
PV Shades
written by Robert Pritchett, December 26, 2008
Totally inefficient and definitely will not "power" an iPod. Perhaps they could add the solar cells from those 4-function calculators instead to the frames?

This is a design concept only and not a manufactured product at this time.

Any reason why they look like Roswell Alien eyes?

Just wear them on top of head
written by azul, December 28, 2008
looking cool...
great idea but...
written by brads, December 29, 2008
why don't they make windows out of them. put one on every other window in a skyscraper and you could power the entire building and still keep your view. and reduce glare...
written by greenspeechie, January 02, 2009
I would wear those, even if they are inefficient.
Creative, indeed!
written by Sally G, January 02, 2009
Look, guys, not every idea is practical right out of the gate. How many tries did it take Edison to get the light bulb to work? But I give these designers great credit for having the idea, pursuing it as a concept, much as auto companies make "concept cars" whose real purpose is to "push the envelope" and fuel the innovations that become future practical features. Way to go! (And, yes, I'd wear a pair!)
Measure the Light
written by BeholdersEye, January 13, 2009
Apparently, you never measured the sunlight or indirect sunlight. Even in the 'shade' outdoor light is a thousand time brighter then if you were indoors. These glasses will work anywhere outdoors.
how about solar hats?
written by Eric, April 03, 2009
a hat is always pointed at the sun, how about makeing one out of solar panels, I bet it would make alot more electricity than those sunglasses too.

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