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AUG 25

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"this needs to be frozen! it wouldnt be ICEcream if there was no ice! i..."

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Ice Cream: A Tasty Low-Carbon Treat?

Keeping things cool requires a decent amount of viagra samples carbon emissions.  Most of the time when you hear about solutions to this issue they're in the form of new types of refrigeration or cooling systems.  In an interesting twist, Unilever, the world's largest maker of ice cream (they own Ben & Jerry's, Breyer's, Good Humor, Popsicle and how much viagra other brands), has decided that the best solution isn't changing how things are refrigerated, but making those things no longer require refrigeration.

Food scientists at Unilever are hoping to cut carbon emisissions by creating a low-carbon ice cream:  one that can be shipped and sold at room temperature and then frozen at home.  They're calling it "ambient" ice cream and it won't require energy-demanding refrigerated trucks or freezer cases, reducing the product's carbon footprint and saving Unilever some cash on energy costs.

There are some changes people aren't likely to take to, so I'm thinking the biggest hurdle for the visit our site canadian drugs viagra company isn't going to be creating this product, but making sure it still meets consumers' expectations for ice cream.  People most likely won't care that they have to viagra in the uk freeze it themselves, but if my Half Baked tastes half as good, I won't be buying it.

Assuming they produce an equally tasty treat, a good question is when this ambient, energy-saving ice cream hits the shelves, will it be cheaper?  A low-cost, low-carbon ice cream that still tastes good - now that would be a winning combination.

via Times of London

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Consumer savings?
written by Brett, August 25, 2009
If ice cream companies end up saving money and the process works as stated, I highly doubt the consumer will see a dime of savings. Ice cream companies have a pricing structure which customers are gladly paying, so why would they lower their price? Maybe I am just pessimistic when it comes to corporations. Regardless, it's still a good thing because of bayer levitra online pharmacy cheapest the heavily reduced carbon footprint.
written by Oakleighvermont Solargroupies, August 25, 2009
Two thoughts. Any happy campers out there who have carried "astronaut dehydrated ice cream" into the wild know how tasty it is, compared to ... twigs and roots... But getting it to taste like premium ice cream Ben & Jerry's is famous for... well, let's hope they don't have to name it after the famous high jumper' technique the "Fosbury Flop"

Second, I would wager that most of the carbon associated with ice cream is used in transporting it. The compressors in refrigerated trucks run of generators that add little to the cost of transport. An extra quart or two of B&J's original home made in your freezer will actually help keep the freezer colder, expending less electricity to keep the freezer box cold.
written by Bob Wallace, August 25, 2009
There's not just the refrigeration during storage, but also the pre and online prescription cialis with discounts post shipping refrigeration requirement. The carbon savings might not be insignificant. Market freezers are often big energy eaters due the frequent opening and closing.

Freezing something in a remote location and then bringing it to your freezer seems like an inefficient way to cialis tablets for sale cool your freezer.

It will most likely come down to taste unless there is buy viagra online viagra a very large price difference. I notice that less expensive ice creams seem to sit longer in the store in which I shop(based on the amount of frost on the packages). And they certainly are inferior tasting to me.

As far as the astronaut ice cream, I've tried it and I think you are selling roots short. I'll agree that it's better than most twigs....

written by Ola Ekstrand, August 25, 2009
IF they manage to make a tasty ice-cream that doesn't require freezing, I would imagine it would be so full of additives I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. It's a nice dream though.
written by Bob Wallace, August 25, 2009
Ice cream is basically milk/cream and sugar. To that one adds flavorings, fruit, and/or eggs. It should be possible to package all that stuff in the same way UHT milk is sold.

"When packaged in aseptic containers, UHT milk remains stable at room temperature for up to six months."

The trick is going to be getting air into the mix. The texture of ice cream largely comes from the air that is introduced during the freezing process.


My earlier post, I meant "There's not just the refrigeration during transportation...". But you knew that....
Air and the feel
written by Matthew Peffly, August 26, 2009
The freezing process is very important to best price for viagra the feel of ice cream in you mouth. Cheaper ice cream, normally has a lot more air added so it looks like you are getting more. At my son's college (studing to be a chef) they took a quart of a local high end ice cream and a gallon of a cheap brand. Melted both and they contain almost the same amount (not same kind) of fluids. While they are likely a long way of from getting to a you-freeze version of high end ice cream they might go for the lost cost first.
written by Silent Spring, August 26, 2009
So people are not willing to tolerate a slight drop in quality of ice cream in order to cut down CO2 emmisions?

If that's the case then we have a long way to go...
written by Bob Wallace, August 26, 2009
So people are not willing to tolerate a slight drop in quality of ice cream in order to cut down CO2 emmisions?

People = those of us really concerned about global warming? Possibly yes.

People = the general public who wants something done but is not ready to make significant personal sacrifices? Probably no.

We need solutions that are "comfortable". (That's the whole point of this site, is it not?)

Wind is an excellent example of viagra how to buy a comfortable solution. Other than a very small few who might be bothered by looking at wind turbines, most don't feel our transition from coal to wind. The electricity is cheap levitra on line still there when they flip the switch and rates don't change.
written by Tom34, August 28, 2009
That is a SMART idear! smilies/smiley.gif

written by Dolores, September 09, 2009
I really like this idea, but the additives might end up being a problem. Why doen't someone come up with an in freezer ice cream machine? I'd go for that...

Once teleportation is invented, all these shipping problems won't be too much of a problem. Someone WILL invent a viable teleportation system, most of the other things in star trek have been invented...
written by Jessilynn, December 14, 2009
this needs to be frozen! it wouldnt be ICEcream if there was no ice! it would just be melted cream! i dont see home you can do it any other way!

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