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NOV 30

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"I think shifting to power the data center using alternative energy res..."

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Data Center Underneath Cathedral Will Heat Finland Homes

Data centers generate a lot of heat.  In fact, over 50 percent of the energy used by data centers is for cooling the soft gel levitra servers, not computing.  Almost all efforts to make them more efficient focus on keeping the equipment cool with less energy.  But what if all that heat could be used for good? We recently wrote about the potential of using waste heat to generate electricity, but this time the benefit of buy cialis professional the heat is the heat itself.

The excess heat generated by a new Finnish data center will be used to warm homes throughout Helsinki.  The data center will be builit under the Uspenski Cathedral, nestled in the bedrock in a former WWII bomb shelter.  The waste heat will be captured and buy levitra australia pumped into the it's great! buy cialis uk city heating network that consists of water-heated pipes that deliver heat to homes.

The data center, being built by company Academica, will be able to generic levitra on line uk heat 500 large houses, equivalent to the energy output of one large wind turbine.

In order to attain the title of "world's greenest," the data center will also consume half the energy of a typical data center.  Academica expects the efficient data center to cut half a million dollars from their energy bills.

via Reuters

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What does God think about this?, Low-rated comment [Show]
let's hope
written by filip, December 01, 2009
that jesus indeed turnes around, walks away and never comes back again...
i love such buildings and i love the extra use they gave it here (very symbolic)
Jesus turning over in his grave?
written by Craig, December 01, 2009
You're joking right? You've got to be joking because anybody knows that God does not reside in a house or a building. God resides where ever two people join to praise Him. The fact that this just happens to the best place buy low price levitra be under a church while using a WW II bunker for something good is nothing more then location and I can't help but wonder why you can't see that.
What a wonderful idea!
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, December 01, 2009
Why would god ever be angry at going green and saving the planet?

In any-case using excess resources is always a great idea when used correctly.
Okay, so...
written by Sarah L., December 01, 2009
Does this mean that all data centers should be built in areas with cold climates? I don't see why not.

@ Kelly. It's not sacrilege to keep the buy viagra generic earth that God supposedly made clean, green and unpolluted, is it?
written by Richard, December 01, 2009
This is certainly interesting. efficient and cost-effective, without harming the world- that's alternative energy!
written by Richard, December 02, 2009
I don't see any relevance between religious objects and going green.I don't understand why some people have to bring up such issues.
well Richard...
written by filip (belgium), December 03, 2009
you don't have to see the relevance between god and tramadol legal status green (btw my remark about symbolic had more to do with the warmth the church now gave to all those houses in the neighbourhood, "warmth" as in "love", see. I, myself am not religious but dare to see the possible use in (either wich) religion, and I am pro-green. I think every self declared catholic, protestant or whoever should be too, according to (any) god's creation (whatever that may be)
Following the call of St. Francis
written by Erik Parmlind, December 09, 2009
This seems to drug levitra be a great article for it brings up the mission of St. Francis who dedicated his life to bringing a greater appreciation of order viagra from canada the natural world to the Church. Gods beauty exists in all of the things he has created for us, therefore we can show respect to God by respecting the cheapest generic cialis world he has created. Building efficient data centers that use waste heat as part of district heating, is a nice first step.
written by OnRamp, August 26, 2011
I think shifting to power the data center using alternative energy resources is the first step. Not a lot of data center is aware about its negative externality brought to the environment and the potential to turn it around! The wasted energy could feed back into the system and the end goal is to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

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