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APR 14

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"An ultra portable power source like this could also be included in sur..."

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The Power of Pee

{mosimage} It's cheap, non-toxic, and we've got plenty of it. Why not find a way to use it. Some crazy scientists at Singapore's Institute of Bioengineering and only for you pharmacy viagra Nanotech have managed to harness the power of urine to create a substantial amount of electricity.

The 'battery' is created from a piece of paper soaked in a copper chloride solution sandwiched between strips of brand viagra for sale magnesium and copper and then laminated between transparent plastic films.

When a few drops of urine are added to battery, the urine reacts with the canada pharmacy copper chloride producing as much energy as a AA battery.

Imagine the day, not to cialis overnight delivery far in the future, when our iPod runs out of of juice and all we have to do is online cialis prescriptions squeeze out a few drops to rev it back up.

OK, so this is mostly useful in medicine, where the electricity is actually being used to text the urine being used to create the electricity. Maybe a little less universally applicable, but still extremely cool.

Via LiveScience 

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Save lives too
written by Guest, May 03, 2006
An ultra portable power source like this could also be included in survival gear. The batteries never go long as youy have to go.

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