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A Very EcoGeek Christmas

dewtreeSure you can purchase some cheesy solar powered lawn ornaments or make your gingrebread house with all organic wheat flour, but I've seen some better ideas floating around.

First on the list, Chrstmas trees. You may have heard that plastic trees, for all their reusability, aren't exactly environmental either.

So why don't we make our own re-usable Christmas tree?

The first, and most obvious option, is to create the Tree out of whatever is lying around your house that happens to be christmassy in coloration. For me, this is of course the mountain dew can, which are red and green, shiny, and plentiful.

There's a video of the innards of the tree after the generic viagra from canada online jump, and check out for the complete story on the construction of the tree.
Or, you can make your reusable christmas tree out of high-efficiency spinning LED lights. I mean, why not right? You can even include one of those annoying spinning message displays like this guy did.
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