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FEB 28

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"That ought to be a moonbat-compatible subject. What was that article s..."

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UFO's Could Save the World

OK, I'm pretty accepting when it comes out outlandish theories. I figure, if we have enough of them, at least one or two will pan out. So I'm not going to say anything mean about Paul Hellyer, a former Canadian Defense Minister who has just told the Ottawa Herald that governments need to come clean about UFO's  in order to properly face the threat of global warming.

He seems to levitra tablets for sale think that interstellar travel would solve all our problems here at home. I sure would like the world to accomplish their daily commutes using Faster Than Light technology, and I doubt anyone else would have problems with it either. I'd just rather the military didn't get their hands on the cheap discount levitra technology.

Via PhysOrg
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written by Ross, March 01, 2007
Haha, silly canadians. That sorta futuristic stuff would be pretty cool but i think if we had any the military would most definatly already have thier hands on it.
written by monotonehell, March 01, 2007
Silly people, "everyone" knows that UFOs caused global climate change in the first place, until the Illuminati's forces went back in time to assasinate JFK and fake the moon landings!
Might not help.
written by rob, March 01, 2007
In the unlikely event that some goverments do possess flying saucers, it may not be of much help. If their technology is hundreds of female viagra sildenafil years ahead of ours, we probably wouldn't be able to decipher it.

Consider if a scientist from the 1940s, was given a modern computer chip, even if he could figure out how it worked, he would still need all the current day industrial infrastructure to copy it.
So any advance wouldn't necessarily be much quicker than without reverse engineering.
And thats an example with just a 67 year time gap, imagine if the difference was ten thousand years!
el supremo
written by Borjorf the Alien, March 01, 2007


No really, hahahahahahahaha.
written by gdftgre, March 02, 2007
You dont get to be in his positions with being stupid, so this guy is not stupid.
written by Matt, March 03, 2007
You don't have to where to get viagra cheap be stupid to be crazy.
Military Evil permittivity>> Stupid flag
written by Steve Nordquist, March 12, 2007
That ought to be a moonbat-compatible subject.
What was that article supposed to be about? Alienation is as alienation does; it's drama. Is commuting with drama going to get 12 bags of topsoil set up instantly somehow?

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