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MAR 09

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"Small scale gasifiers will also work and propecia for hair loss will be essential for develop..."

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Zap Your Trash to Create Energy and Hydrogen

Trash in, energy out. Sounds too good to be true, and it may yet be. But StarTech claims to have a method of rendering any waste stream into two by-products, a glass-like slag and "syngas," and a combination of mostly hydrogen and carbon dioxide which could be used to provide hydrogen fuel for vehicles. Most impressive, Startech claims that the process would be self-sustainging. "[O]nce the cycle is under way, the 2,200°F syngas is fed into a cooling system, generating steam that drives turbines to produce electricity. About two thirds of the power is siphoned off to run the converter; the rest can be used on-site for heating or electricity, or sold back to the utility grid."

In addition to the benefits of energy generation, the process also greatly reduces the levitra no doctor volume of waste. The slag output may turn out to be usable for paving or may simply be landfilled, but requiring a much smaller volume than a comparable amount of unprocessed trash. Even more environmentally beneficial, though, are the extreme temperatures (30,000 degrees Fahrenheit, three times hotter than the surface of canadian pharmacy levitra prescription the sun) which break down any kind of toxic materials which are put into the system into their component atoms. In fact, the company's first units sold are in use in toxics disposal. "In 1997 the U.S. Army became Startech’s inaugural customer, buying a converter to viagra online free shipping dispose of chemical weapons at the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland. A second reactor went to Japan for processing polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, an industrial coolant and lubricant banned in the U.S since 1977 ("really nasty stuff," Longo says)."

There are concerns about this system. One critic noted that the slag produced from the Plasma Converter contains toxic heavy metals. However, those metals are not introduced by the process, and are present in unprocessed trash waste, as well. Conceivably, elements that are water soluble could be leached out via additional post-processing and potentially even reclaimed and usefully recycled. However, even without these mitigations, it is easier to contain and monitor the cialis prescription final output in order to minimize adverse environmental effects.

Now, this is not a piece of household technology. "A Startech machine that costs roughly $250 million can handle 2,000 tons of waste daily, approximately what a city of a million people amasses in that time span." But, as the Popular Science article points out, a city with an average tipping fee for waste disposal in a conventional landfill would pay back its investment in a Startech system in about 10 years, and that's not even factoring in the excess electrical production or the sale of syngas fuel.

via: Treehugger and Popular Science

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written by LUIZ ANTONY, March 21, 2007
I would like to have further information about process, costs, companies and examples of usefull link non prescription cialis success in the USA.
written by James Rogers, March 31, 2007
Hi, my name is James, I am interested in writing a start to finish business plan using your wasted power generating systems. I will be interested in a system that is viagra mail order smaller at only 1000 tons per week in stead of the whopping 2000 tons daily. Our county community is small but growing. It would take a three county area to band together just to come up with a million people. We would like the plans, cost projections, and payback time frame for such a smaller unit, that we may write and levitra in uk submit plans to our local building authorities and gain permission to build one of your proto type systems in our community.
We are currently sending our plans thru the Henderson County Building Authorities to build the first efficiency town homes that have their own power and water source. My plan is to build 5 initial proto type town homes and a 4 story shop / office building that later we plan to expand up to 8 stories. All of these plans and power systems have been designed by me and my counterparts that make up My Able Group. We will copyright our plans and sell our (green) building systems and applications world wide.
I am very interested in your technology, and will pass it on directly to cheapest priced propecia our wise counsel. It is quite possible that if we like our findings with your company that we, (My Able Group) could become a powerful word of mouth promotional tool for your company helping you sell your goods and buy levitra on the internet services along with ours as sort of a joint venture. After our initial proto type designs are complete we will take the plans, videos, and pictures from start to finish to, national trade shows and Home Expos at premier colleges to further extend our growing word of mouth campaign. Since we will already be promoting pollution free energy with our businesses we could very easily incorporate your systems because they are directly related to our concepts. We, (My Able Group) have learned the only best offers levitra 100mg power of the collective effort. We would like to extend this concept as well as the growing network that make up and supports My Able Group. Can you make plans for disposal/power units that are small enough for apartment complexes? What are your innovation and new design capabilities? Who makes up the wise men on generic levitra online pharmacy your counsel, for your company?
I firmly believe that soon My Able Group will build thing people have never seen before. We the People, including (My Able Group), but not limited to, will usher in a new era of pollution reduction by expanding the usage of 100% renewable pollution free energy sources.
I look forward to your reply and to our brilliant future. We are able to make a difference. I am so excited about selling power back to the grid. We will incorporate any good system to generate power by reducing pollution. So far we know of, and plan to incorporate 5 different pollution free streams of energy, we can send back to the grid. We are always interested in new concepts and innovations.
Our priority at is to strategically combine All of the energy sources that we know of together into a collective effort to viagra australia no prescription increase the output and reliability of our new pollution free energy concepts for house hold, and commercial systems. Please contact me directly with your findings, if interested in the possibilities of what the future has to hold with our Companies.

(Without Counsel Purposes are disappointed, but in the multitude of counselors they are established (Proverbs 15; 22)

May God Bless, multiply, and guide your wise counselors.
James Rogers
Able Group Director
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The Future
written by Boyd Clark, November 01, 2007
This needs to happen on a wide scale soon as possible. If Washington could just get behind this and buy cheap generic viagra give incentives, we would ameliorate the ecological mess we have created
written by ryan powers, March 07, 2008
:( :o :( :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* 8) 8) :P :- :-* :'( :'( :'( :)
;) :)
:) ;) :) :) ;) ;D >:( :(
written by ryan powers, March 07, 2008
:) ;) :D ;D >:( :( :o 8) :P :- :-* :'(
written by robert leverett, November 03, 2013
Small scale gasifiers will also work and will be essential for developing nations

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