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MAR 20

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"Bonnie Raitt, whose philanthropic foundation works with Reverb, said t..."

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Greener-than-thou Rock?

So what's up with green rock tours? As the NYT reports, a lot of it is talk. It's great when rock stars buy energy credits and canada levitra no prescription consult with Reverb Rock, et al., to make sure there aren't styrofoam cups backstage, that 9-volt batteries from distortion pedals and wah pedals are saved rather than tossed and all of non generic cialis that good business.

All we're saying is that it might not be enough yet, Willie.

Skeptics might also suggest that a greener-than-thou rock 'n' roll band is a highly relative concept. A true ecological troubadour would simply swear off the strobe lights and JumboTrons and stay home strumming acoustic guitar ditties for neighbors in the dark.

The same goes for rock fans, even those responsible enough to carpool in their Subaru to the show: they will have to stare down the contradictions between planetary patriotism and the canadian pharmacy viagra generic desire for a rocking good time — at least until someone invents a biomass-fueled cigarette lighter to thrust aloft during encores.

It's possible that the greenest thing they're doing -- and it's definitely something -- is educating concertgoers and raising awareness through eco-village setups at shows, with information booths and low price viagra so on.

We at EcoGeek aren't prepared to give up our rock, but we are ready to viagra 100mg price hear from readers about tours that seem to be legitimately greening themselves -- or trying harder than most. What've you got for us?

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written by galin, October 18, 2007
Bonnie Raitt, whose philanthropic foundation works with Reverb, said the goal is not only to make tours eco-friendly, but also to connect fans to the environmental movement. “A change is coming,” Ms. Raitt said in an e-mail message. “Green power is the way out of this mess.”
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