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MAR 27

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"Traditional burials actually do harm to levitra levitra the environment, from the toxi..."

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Ecopod: Enviro-Coffin

Ecopods are environmentally sound coffins made from 100% recycled paper and buy viagra com natural hardeners. The company ARKA has attracted orders from around the it's great! cialis brand name canadian pharmacy online world for their green design coffins.

Made from ecologically sound materials the Ecopod is the ideal product for a non toxic burial or cremation. Perfect for use in greenfield sites.

When buried ecopods decompose quickly and without pollution. This concept has won Ecopod designer Hazel Selene the British House of Parliament “Gold Apple” award which recognizes companies than try to preserve the environment. 

Hazel started thinking about coffin design when helping to care for a dying friend. â€œI felt the shape of the traditional coffin had been with us for many years and had become associated with negative icons such as vampires. I wanted to design something beautiful, ethical and made out of recycled materials.”

There you have it...bad for vampires, good for the rest of us. If you're planning on dying any time soon, you should definitely check this one out.

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A sensible idea.
written by rob, March 28, 2007
Saves a lot of levitra 10 mg wood, must save energy when cremating and will compress during burial, so graves wont sink when the coffin eventually collapses.
written by tcx, March 28, 2007
shipping them all round the world doesnt sound too ecofriendly though!
like the idea - might entertain it if they are made close to me!
Visit The Ecopod Site
written by John Barrie, March 29, 2007
There is a really interesting interview with the designer of this box on the Ecopod site. You can find it under their press links, or try:

I think the design is inspired and the eco materials are icing on best prices on brand cialis a well decorated cake.
not too sure on these?
written by sarah, May 03, 2007
i went to my cousins funeral yesterday, he had one of these ecopods? i don't like them at all, it wasn't properly closed, i don't like the fact that my cousins died anyway and the fact that he is in one of these ecopods to decompose quicker is absoloutly disgusting, i personally think the idea is viagra united kingdom sick and people so shold keep using the "traditional" coffin!
Natural burials
written by steve, May 22, 2009
Traditional burials actually do harm to the environment, from the toxic embalming process that uses gallons of formaldehyde, to the concrete lined graves, and the acres upon acres of chemically treated and it's cool viagra oral gel constantly mowed grass. People might as well be buried in endlessly sprawling parking lots or toxic waste dumps.

Thankfully there's a growing movement for natural burial sites. With only a few acres these green sites preserve a self-sustaining ecosystem with native trees and wildlife, wild flowers, butterfly colonies, etc., all contributing to buy xanax online a more natural and beautiful final resting place.

Pragmatically, a dignified, green, natural burial can save thousands of dollars. This savings could even be put towards memorial services, donated to charity, bequeathed, etc.

More people are becoming aware of the green alternatives available. But it's important that this movement leads to a greening up the death care industry itself.

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