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JUN 05

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"Global warming, is such a crock of Shi*! As usual the Fed's propaganda..."

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Carbonation and the best site online cialis uk Global Warming?

Recently Dave Burdick compared renewable energy to diet soda: You get all the fun without any of the guilt. Well, a randomly-associating commenter suddenly wondered about the effects of soda CO2 off-gassing on global warming.

Far be it from me to make light of a serious issue like global warming, but I really can't help but figure out the answer for myself.

So I found some quick (and occasionally disturbing) data:
First of all, HOLY CRAP! Fifty Six Gallons Per Year! I've got a lot of catching up to do... for the math:
300 million people x 56 gallons per person x 3.78 liters per gallon x 6 grams of CO2 per liter soda / 1000 g per kg / 978 kg per ton = 389,570 tons of viagra next day CO2 emitted by soft drinks yearly in America alone.

I'm sure someone will come along to check my math, but I'm fairly sure that's right.

Now, since most of this CO2 was going to be emitted from petroleum refineries anyway, it's not actually a CO2 emission. But it's pretty amazing that we, in effect, manage to sequester almost 400,000 tons of CO2 (the amount emitted by a town of around 45,000 people) in soda pop every year.

Now, if we could just keep buying them, and stop opening them.

Which brings up another point. Can a person go completely carbon neutral by purchasing soda and not opening it?

Average person produces 9 tons of CO2 per year. Average liter of Coke contains 6 g of CO2. Bulk 2 liter bottle of Coke 79 cents. That's all our data.

6 grams of CO2 per liter x 2 liters per bottle / 1000 g per kg / 978 kg per ton = 0.000012 tons of CO2 per bottle.
9 tons per person / 0.000012 tons per bottle x 0.79 dollars per bottle= $590,000 dollars per person per year to go carbon neutral by buying Coca Cola.

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written by Zach, June 05, 2007
An Inconvenient TruthBox Office Gross: $23,000,000
Divided by $8.50 a ticket = 2,700,000 tickets
Estimated 3 per car to see the film = 900,000 car trips
Average distance to indie theater = 6 miles ish?
And back? = 12 miles-ish
So total distance traveled = 10,800,000 miles
Average Carbon Emissions Per Car Per Mile = 1.15 pounds
So total pounds = 12,400,000 CO2
CO2 from Al Gore's film: 6223 tons

And how much CO2 is there from firing off my gun in the city limits, like it's a big fucking deal? Like an ounce? Probably less if the neighbors stopped calling the cops.

Who's the real criminal here?
I sure am glad
written by Anna, June 05, 2007
I sure am glad you have a sense of humor about this. Also, I'm glad I don't live in a place where you have to drive six miles to viagra viagra online go to the movies. And finally I'm glad that I'm not your neighbor. I don't think it's the CO2 emissions the cops are worrying about...:-/
CO2, Shmi02
written by David, June 05, 2007
Check my math:

8 oz of coke contains 97 cal. 124 oz = 1 gal. 56 gal per year. If we were all drinking coke (which, admittedly, we aren't), that would mean that every person was consuming 230.67 calories of soda per day. One tenth of a 2000 (well, 2306.7) daily intake.

That sounds like a more immediate problem....

Re: CO2, Shmi02
written by CF, June 05, 2007
Dave your math is a little off.

1gal = 128oz.
Also most cans I see are 12oz not 8.
And the one on my desk it telling me 140cal with 42g of sugar. But that is almost equivalent to your sized can in cals per oz.

56gal * 128oz = 7168oz a year
7168oz / 12oz = 597.333 cans per year
597.333 / 365 = 1.6365 cans per day
1.6365 * 140 = 229.11 cal per day.

Ok so your math wasn't that off. .67% from my calc. Even though your gallon number was off by 3.125%, maybe just a typing mistake when posting and not when calculating.
written by Jim, June 05, 2007
Who's the real criminal here?

It's a toss-up between your parents and your teachers.
written by Matt James, June 06, 2007

(This comment is of course in good fun. CO2 gas which is ingested and not burped is detrimental to the lymphatic system)

And hey, my parents aren't criminals!
Metric ton?
written by nms, June 06, 2007
Your calculation specifies a ton as being 978 kg, but last time I checked one metric ton was an even 1000 kg, a long (or imperial) ton roughly 1016 kg and a short (net) ton about 907 kg. I'm not aware of any other forms of tons used in modern weight calculations, so either I need to beat the recommended site levitra cheapest crap out of my seventh grade teacher or you need to take another look at your calculations.
written by trey, June 06, 2007
Average person produces 9 tons of CO2 per year.

What average person? As of 2005, in the US it's 20.54 metric tons/person, or 22.64 short tons/person. The global average as of 2004 is 4.24 metric tons per capita.
How much C02 is needed to produce 1 bott
written by Iain, June 07, 2007
You could only go carbon neutral from sequestering Cola if it took less than 6g of C02 to produce the cola drink, bottle, packaging and transport it to your storage area.

I'm guessing that there was probably more than 6g of C02 used to produce the plastic bottle/aluminium can alone!
but what about this?
written by Tom Anderson (Neo), June 07, 2007
If we bought all those bottles of soda, then never opened them, how low would sea level get?
Sea level...
written by William McVey, July 13, 2007
Tom's question about the sea level effects of not drinking those cokes has an easy answer. We could easily keep the sea level stable if we simply dumped our coke cans back into the sea after we bought them. It's remove the temptation to open then and best prices on brand levitra the CO2 would be sequestered at the bottom of buy cialis from china sea/ocean. This idea is an elegant solution to a complex problem if I ever heard one. :-)

P.S. I'm obviously kidding, please don't go off the buy cialis proffessional online deep end about wildlife impact.
written by sange phifosice, September 07, 2007
BOTTOM :) :D :)
written by sange phifosice, September 07, 2007
ps./. i joking i LOVE ze environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
written by sange phifosice, September 07, 2007
written by Paul Berardi, November 16, 2007
Bubble up
written by Ticket, December 02, 2007
I stopped drinking soda a few years back after seing what my friend's stomach looked like during an operation.
Human CO2
written by Jim Adcock, September 26, 2008
You no more sequester CO2 by drinking Coke than cows sequester CO2 by eating grass. Now, if after drinking that coke we grind you into a pulp and inject you down a abandoned oil well where your carbon is buy tramadol online online a href trapped beneath a salt dome, THEN you would be sequestering CO2. But Coke doesn't actually do viagra online deals that, and neither do Coal Powered Electrical Plants. What Coal Powered Electrical plants do is continue to pollute while advertising "clean coal" where what "clean coal" really means is that if some point in the future you force us to pay the extra 20% it costs to sequester our CO2 underground THEN we will be clean!
written by d, March 16, 2009
i know this is an old post but i just wanted to let coke and pepsi know i love their products and please dont change the formula. Global warming will be an outdated fad in about 365 days (june 2010).
All For Global Warming
written by Dick, July 10, 2009
I hate the cold. HATE IT. Plants grow better in warm weather. Thing Rain Forest. Where is the Rain Forest? In Canada? No. In a place where it is warm. Human induced climate change is a fantasy of course, but I still want it to warm up. Remember all those glaciers?
The COVERED most everywhere when they were here.
More global warming please. THANKS MR SUN!
So Gullible! Tree Huggers ARE!
written by Tree Hugger - Not, October 01, 2009
Global warming, is such a crock of Shi*! As usual the Fed's propaganda policy - Show stupid americans how to ordering tramadol to canada fear something, and like pigs at the trough, they belly up and start consuming! There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that co2 collects in the atmosphere, and I challenge anyone to find a study that can prove that. This 3rd rock from the sun rotates approximately 1000MPH, and hurls through space and an amazing 67,000MPH in the orbit around the sun. Variations of just 1/2 of a degree on its axis will cause climate change. Stop being so naive people!

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