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JUN 22

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"Wow, that is really creative and cialis tablets for sale practical...I love it and am going to..."

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Fed-Ex Laptop Bag

Really, why should I spend tons of money on a laptop bag that has likely been shipped from china, when I could create a low-impact, high-strength, water-proof laptop bag out of shipping materials already arriving on my front doorstep?

Instructables has an awesome tutorial on how to turn three laptop bags a little bit of felt into an awesome, camouflaged, protective case for your laptop. You will, however, need a sewing machine...or just lots of time to sew by hand. So the project is a bit out of reach for me. But I'd almost pay for one of cheap generic substitute viagra these things. It looks surprisingly cool. Just don't get it confused with the rest of your shipping.

via LifeHacker and Instructables

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written by newopps, June 23, 2007
really a brilliant idea for a laptop bag at zero cost. ;)
But it's ugly..
written by Hun Boon, June 25, 2007
We all applaud the idea behind it but I don't think anyone would actually use it.. It's really quite ugly. :-
Example bag
written by Grant, September 23, 2007
written by Gibson Exhaust, November 15, 2007
Cool and innovative idea...Those who were really practical would buy it...I might try it,too... :)
Laptop Bag
written by Buckles, January 21, 2013
Wow, that is really creative and practical...I love it and am going to try making one for myself.

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