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MAY 17

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"I have been a huge energy drink guy but hate all the funky ingredients..."

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The organic energy drink

There is one thing, and only one thing, that a true geek needs. I'm not talking about just computer geeks, or just academic nerds. I'm talking about any of us that are passionate about one subject to spend way too many hours on it. {mosimage}
We drink energy drinks. We're not proud of canada levitra online it, but we do.  Myself, I've tried Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star. I've tried low-carb versions and sugar-free versions.
Now if you're an environmental geek you're about to get the best of all worlds -- Syzmo Energy Drink is the first 100% organic energy drink. That's right, not one artificial flavor, color, and not one teeny little preservative have made it into this can.  
Syzmo touts on natural levitra its Web site that it not only has less calories than the other leading energy drinks, it also has more vitamins and uses organic blue agave nectar as a sweetener.
Syzmo gets its buzz-enhancing ingredients from guarana, yerba mate and caffeine, which is naturally derived from coffee.
You can get the drink at Whole Foods, Exxon or order it from Amazon
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written by a guest, May 24, 2006
There just seems to be something inherently wrong with buying an eco-friendly product from one of the world's largest petroleum firms. That's like buying organic cotton clothing from DuPont.
There is another Organic energy drink
written by maximo, September 25, 2007
Hi, I have had the opportunity to drink a new Organic Energy Drink that is in the market since April 2007. The name is levitra website GROOVE and it is made in Austria. The flavor is very good comparing for example with Red Bull that taste as a medicine and smell is really delicious. I taste it here in Australia but I know that it is becoming quite popular in Europe.
Cheer, Maximo
written by Jon, November 14, 2008
Sea2o is the first organic energy drink. Syzmo says it contains "certified organic caffeine"???? seriously? that's bs. Sea2o has no caffeine, no carbonation or stimulants. Sea2o uses the agave nectar, it is USDA certified organic, 30% of your daily fiber intake, vitamin C and B6 and seaweed extract which provides you all the antioxidant benefits of seaweed.
The Energy Drink GURU
written by ladyshark, November 29, 2008
Check out GURU Energy Drink at Whole Foods and online at
It's been around for a while, but it's the new craze now (Madonna, Kanye West, Perez Hilton fueling on it) :-)
written by CINAGRO, December 12, 2008
I love GURU, it's the best organic energy drink on the market!
I'm a total geek and couldnt live withou
written by GreenBug, December 15, 2008
Glad there's natural and Organic energy drinks out there now or I wouldn't live past 35 haahaaa.
What's all the commotion about GURU? I'm getting curious here...
written by GG, January 14, 2009
Someone told me diet GURU (white can?) contains no caffeine? yet on their website, they say it contains natural caffeine. what's the deal? Also, I couldn't find the lowest price cialis sysmo drink sat whole foods.
natural cafeine
written by greenspeed, April 09, 2009
i think its cuz the active ingredient is guarana wich contains guaraneine / cafeine versus most energy drinks that use artificial cafeine. i love guru!! seems kanye west does too > http://www.naturalproductsmark...oduct.html
where do I buy Groove
written by Dawn, July 19, 2009
I am living in the Bronx New York and I really like groove but I do not know where to purchase it. Please help me.
Thank you.
Natural Energy
written by James, December 11, 2012
I have been a huge energy drink guy but hate all the funky ingredients--but love the caffeine. There is a small company from CO making a natural drink with caffeine that is extended release. It's not in a can. They come to triathlons and have given me a few bottles. Think the name is ZumXR--it's healthier.

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