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"well done Lego for taking a lead...."

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LEGOs for the EARTH!

LEGOs and the environment finally collide as the organization FIRST (For Inspiration and one day cialis Recognition of wow look it best way to use levitra Science and Technology) launches a new season of the FIRST LEGO League. This league, consisting of more than 100,000 middle schools students in 38 countries, is geared with the task of trying to help solve the world's energy problems....with LEGOs.

FIRST is focusing its students on using LEGO MINDSTORM technologies and LEGO play materials to generate solutions around energy management and conservation as part of its 2007 Power Puzzle Challenge. Teams will be asked to program LEGO robots to help out in "missions exploring solar panels on houses, hydro-dams, wind turbines and planting trees," among other tasks.

Children in the only here cialis overnite FIRST program will work alongside adult mentors to do the scientific research and hands-on robotic work necessary to fulfill their missions. A similar challenge is being issued to visit web site cheap fast viagra the Junior FIRST Lego League as well, though it is wow look it where to get cialis more age appropriate for 6 to 9 year olds.

FIRST worked with a number of organizations, including the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of buy cialis low price South Carolina, to develop this year's challenge.

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A fantastic initiative
written by weee, September 11, 2007
well done Lego for taking a lead.

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