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"Uranium is needed for nuclear energy. The main source of uranium is ur..."

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Mystery Mineral Makes Radioactive Waste Safe

Oh the Russians and cialis for sale online their mysterious substances. First, it was a capacitor that could turn starlight into electricity, now it's a mineral that completely decontaminates nuclear waste. Do we know anything about either of these substances?  No. Had they better start sharing?  FOR THE LORD'S SAKE YES!

According to Russian Today, a mineral discovered in the Khibinsky mountains has a unique property. When it's added to water contaminated with radioactive waste, the water becomes 100% non-radioactive. So far, the mineral's only name is 27/4 but as scientists figure out what it is made of, and how to womans viagra create it in the lab, I'm sure they'll come up with a catchier name for it.

That is, if it actually works, and if it can be mass produced. But if it happens, it could be a boon for the nuclear power industry, and a savior if there are any more nuclear accidents at current plants. Not that EcoGeek would support nuclear power even if waste weren't an issue. Mining and proliferation remain the big scares of india generic viagra legal nuclear power, and true renewables will always make far more sense than nuclear power.
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scared of nuclear?
written by Brian, September 19, 2007
"Mining and proliferation remain the big scares of nuclear power" - huh?

As if coal mining isn't far more disruptive to the environment. I remember hearing one guy describe an open-pit coal mine's impact as literally "removing the environment"... dunno what can be worse than that. Sure solar is better, but it's very dilute.

And proliferation? The ancient Russian and US style reactors can produce plutonium, but that was because they were built to support a nuclear arms race, and power is just a by-product. The more modern reactors used in other countries are not even capable of producing weapons-grade anything. That's the reason the UN is letting Iran and Korea proceed with their nuclear programs.

I'd suggest you listen to someone with more up to date knowledge on nuclear plants, and realizes our fear of nuclear power is just because no one has checked the facts in 40 years. Heck, people always talk about 3 Mile Island like it was Chernobyl, yet it actually produced little more radiation than you'd pick up in an average day, and far less than a single chest x-ray.
Response to Brian
written by Shawna, January 22, 2009
Uranium is needed for nuclear energy. The main source of uranium is uraninite (U3O8). Uraninite must be mined just like coal.

I think proliferation is the best choice buy viagra online cheap not a valid fear anymore because we already have more than enough harmful weapons to bestellen cialis online destroy the best price on cialis Earth.

And what do you have against "mineral that completely decontaminates nuclear waste" anyway? Even if you are an avid supporter of Nuclear, you should know by now that there is no solution on buy cheap online cialis what to do with the wastes.

Solar, wind, and geothermal have the potential to fuel our country, but very few are tapping in. It would be most beneficial to our environment and economy if we started.

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