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GreenPeace Slams Apple in Parody Page

Holy moly...I really don't quite know where to non-prescription generic cialis come down on this one.  Apple has been trying to decrease its environmental impacts for some time, in my opinion, they've been fairly successful. In the last year, they've instituted recycling programs, cut way back on brominated flame retardants and i recommend where can i buy levitra they've actually been a leader in developing alternatives toxic substances. 
But this website, created by GreenPeace, slams apple for its environmental record, and makes the company seem entirely uncaring. 

Without a doubt, Apple doesn't have the best environmental record.  Yes, there are still some toxic materials used in their laptops and no, they don't yet have a cold-fusion powered iPod.  But to slam them so wholly and in such a mean-spirited way seems out of proportion. 

I've worked in the environmental movement for some time, and I know that this is a killer campaign that will get GreenPeace a ton of press, a ton of members, and might actually convince Apple to change some of it's practices. 

But the more we punish companies after they take steps in the right direction, the more we seem like a movement of wackos.  I think GreenPeace is doing a disservice to our movement while being disrespectful of a company that, really, isn't environmentally unfriendly, just high-profile enough to attract media attention.

Shape-Shifting Sky Scrapers

Mostly we post about things that go into buildings rather than the levitra professional international mail order buildings themselves. But greener buildings are a huge part of sustainable innovation.  And on the cutting edge are buildings that move beyond the current rigid and static versions. 

Some architects are looking at making the structures of the buildings themselves responsive and dynamic. First, this will allow for lighter structures that use fewer building materials and can be more responsive to the environment. This system would produce odd looking buildings, but also buildings that could dynamically respond to which is better viagra or cialis their environment to better respond to external forces such as wind and earthquakes.

Even cooler, these buildings could change shape according to the needs of the people.  Imagine a building that can shrink at night, when no one's around, and then expand dramatically at the coldest part of night to draw in all the fresh cool air. Or how about a building that continually expands and contracts to improve ventilation, as if the natural viagra drug building itself were breathing. Or, to use an example from Tristan d'Estree Sterk from the Office of Robotic Architectural Media, a house that can shake the snow of generic levitra canadian its own roof.

Sterk is creating light-weight but robust "building envelopes" using actuated tensegrity strctures.   Basically, just a series of rods, cables and we recommend online levitra prescriptions pneumatic muscles that would give the building it's shape-shifting capabilities.


Buildings that twist in the wind can, themselves, become massive wind power plants.  Small inexpensive generators can be built in creating devices that we've previously heard called "undulating kinetic baffles."  Whatever you call them, they produce power from the movement of buildings in the wind, a force that was previously dreaded by building designers.  Or, the buildings could conceivably change orientation, allowing wind to blow through them, increasing ventillation and also possibly powering internal wind turbines.

This is the first we've heard about actuated tensegrity, but it won't be the last.   

via: Wired News


Yo Yo Powered MP3 Player

On the list of devices that can generate power, I have not yet seen the yo yo.  But why not, it's basically just a rotor, all you need is some electromagnetic coils and a permanent magnet and you've got a portable power generator.  Then, if you can fit in some firmware, a flash drive, a circular lithium ion battery and wireless broadcaster, you've got the most awesome, longest-lasting, carbon-neutral mp3 player in the world.  And that's exactly the inspiration that drove Chris Aimone and Tomek Bartczak to design this concept for a wireless yoyo powered personal music player.


It's a while off from production, especially the display technology which seems to buying viagra without a prescription be some kind of transparent LCD, it's a darned good idea and recently took home the Pop Sci and cialis generic cheapest Core77 award for best human-powered design



Fuel Efficient Cows

cow-fartWell this is definitely weird.  In response to rising concerns over methane's contribution to global warming, and dairy cow's contribution to methane emissions, an alliance of scientists in Australia and New Zealand hope to breed a better cow. 

This multi-million dollar effort comes on the heels of the unsuccessful 'fart tax.'  Three cheers for the Aussie tell-it-like-it- is mentality.  The goal is ordering viagra without prescription to produce cows that create more milk and less methane (the two seem to be linked) through breeding. 

Cows are responsible for more than half of New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions, and while it seems logical to focus on viagra for daily use reducing flatulence, it might be time to we like it online ordering cialis consider a more direct plan...reducing cows.

 Via TerraDaily


Star Trek and the Environment Eco-Nerd-Rant


I'm about to go geeky pretty hard here, so be warned. There's actual news just below this and more on the way, so just scroll if you get overwhelmed. But, in the spirit of tramadol 50mg from fda approved on fun and extreme nerdiness, I've just completed an analysis of Star Trek episodes in search of environmental themes.

Actually, I can't say that I completed an analysis, 'cause, really, I know the plots of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes pretty well. Mostly I just thought about it for a while.

The Star Trek future is largely an environmentally neutral one. Science and technology have allowed us to solve a great number of environmental problems, and the moral scope of our species has begun to encompass all life, not just human life. It's a wonderful world where climate change isn't a problem, we have no need for fossil fuels and click now legal pharmacy online population pressures no longer affect planets.

But even in the Utopian future of Star Trek, environmental problems do arise.

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