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Quantifying An Infinite Bounty

Frankly, it's hard to put a pricetag on the Earth. I mean, if we were offered the prospect of live in a vacuum, would we pay a million billion quadrillion dollars for the Earth? Yes..I think we would.

But calculating the value of services that the environment provides us has become a useful tool. And, though some greens may cry and very good site viagrabest viagra say that nature shouldn't be valued in dollars, I say that it can be valued in many ways and dollars have their place.


So, hats off to Robert Costanza who, in 1997, calculated the services the the best place canadian healthcare cialis Earth provides humans to be worth roughly 33 trillion dollars per year. Wham! Take that global economy! You think you're so big with your billions of i use it buying levitra online canada dollars in trade revenue...try 33 trillion a year, and it's not even trying.

Costanza and crew have just embarked on another, even larger project. They hope to best price on cialis make it simple for anyone in the world to determine the economic value of any particular place on levitra from mexico the planet.

"Land use planners, county commissioners, investment bankers, anyone who is interested," Cosntanza said, "will be able to go on the Web, use our new models, and be able to identify a territory and start getting answers."

They've got a huge base of experts working on the project already, along with an $860,000 grant. In terms of fees, getting paid $860,000 to appraise something worth roughly $33 trillion is a pretty harsh deal. But, then again, we're not in it for the money are we Mr. Costanza.

Via PhysOrg


Bionic Pigeons Monitor Pollution?

This weekend, pigeons wearing tiny backpacks will roam the skies over Northern California. It’s not a manifestation of pet personhood, it’s a science project. The backpacks, equipped with smog sensors, GPS and a cell phone, gather air pollution data during the flight which is submitted - in real time - to the PigeonBlog website.

As the pigeons fly about, the sensors gather information on oxdizing gases, such as Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds, as well as reducing gases, such as Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and Hydrocarbons. On the MAP section of PigeonBlog you can follow both the sensory readings and the levitra sale buy flying trajectory superimposed onto a satellite map of the area the pigeons fly over. The site also provides information about the composition of our air, common pollutants and uk viagra purchase their known health effects as well as the EPA’s Air Quality Index and the current state of air pollution in the United States today.




The real scientist behind the project is Beatriz da Costa who is an Assistant Professor of Arts, Computation and Engineering at the University of California, Irvine. She brainstormed the idea as a playful way to get people thinking about the health hazards of smog and as an alternative way to participate in environmental air pollution data gathering.

Da Costa's entry was inspired by a century-old photo of a homing pigeon wearing a tiny spy camera designed by the German engineer Julius Neubronner. She and her team of two graduate students spent a year developing the bird sized packs that weigh a tenth of a pigeons body weight and cost about $250 each. The airborne expedition is look there levitra online india part of ZeroOne San Jose, a weeklong showcase of technology and art.


Green Investment Booms

hundredsAt first I couldn't believe I hadn't seen this article yet, but then I noticed that it was published on August 14th...or...will be published.  Anyhow, it's an article from the future, in more ways than one. 

A tip from Katherine led me to a Daily Grist post about this amazing article at Business Week called "Wall Street's New Love Affair: Why some of the world's smartest investors are betting billions on clean energy." 
We at EcoGeek have been saying for a long time that business is going to lead this revolution.  Individuals; activists and writers and pundits and advocates can talk about how we started it, but corporations is going to finish it, and they'll be writing their own environmental laws before Senators even get their pens out of their pockets.  Frankly, finances run the world and Green is good for finances.  And so green technology is the largest growing sector of the investment economy.  Welcome to the future.

As exciting as it is, it's a long road.  And by no means will the bottom line drive us in the right direction forever.  But, for now, money is pouring into green energy solutions and that could mean a higher percentage of clear skies in our future for all of us.

Turnstile Power!

For every action there is an equal and oppostite reaction.  Well...there are a lot of viagra for sale actions in the world...why not hook some of those reactions to very good site best quality cialis a generator.  Decentralized passive power production...I think that's what it should be called.  J.R. East (the biggest railway company in Japan who we've already heralded for their hydrogen hybrid trains) hooked up a generator to the turnstiles of their railway stations and I call that awesome.  I mean, why not capture energy wherever we can. 

Now, I can't imagine it will add up to much, but if everything we do, from clacking a key to tapping a foot generated power, we might need a few less solar panels on the roof. 

The concept is currently being tested at their office, where you apparently have to walk through a turnstile to approach the receptionist.  Railway office...turnstile...ahh cute...

If you saw the it's great! levitra tablet meatloaf I did, you'd eat weeds, too.

{mosimage}Okay, I admit it, I'm stretching from the Ecogeek mission of being gadget-friendly to help you all reconnect with the Earth by well ... eating it. 
Weed 'Em and Reap is the punnily-named offering from Roger Welsch that serves as an introduction to buy real cialis online food you can eat right out of the ground.
You'll learn about morels, cattails, and smut-fungus (ed: yikes), and also how to make wines, jams, and jellies. 
As I've mentioned, I'm in upstate New York dining on viagra without ed camp fare for my three squares a day, and I'm glad to have an arsenal of ideas if I head to the dining hall and see "Leftover Night!" scrawled on the small green chalkboard. Especially the dandelion wine, which sounds like the perfect drink at the end of a long summer day.
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