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Water Powered Cell Phone?!

watercell2OK, I'm having a hard time deciphering exactly how this works, but it is very cool.
I was browsing Cellular News when I found this tidbit:  Two Japanese firms with ridiculous names (DoCoMo and Aquafairy,) are joining their techy powers to create a mirco-fuel-cell, water-powered cell-phone charger. 

I'm having a hard time believing what I'm reading, but the story seems to be that a catalyst splits the water into hydrogen and oxygen without the need for additional energy, and the pure hydrogen is used in a thin film fuel cell producing two watts, enough to the best choice buy cialis us charge a cell-phone in 120 minutes.  It is probable that this isn't a true catalyst and must be occasionally replaced. 
If it's a true catalyst, it would seem we have more than a cell phone charger on our hands. 
The hydrogen fuel cell charger has a much greater power density than DoCoMo's recently-released methanol fuel cell charger.  This device has twice the discount tramadol no prescription wattage of info levitra the methanol fuel cells and is one fourth the size.  Also, water is easier to come across and more environmentally benign than methanol.  This leaves us wondering...what exactly is in that catalyst.  How does it work...where can I get some!

It's good to see the world moving away from traditional batteries.  If this device is any indication, the future of fuel cells is getting a lot brighter.


Concept Green Smart Phone

{mosimage}And speaking of cell phones...isn't this a beauty!  Of course, it's just a concept, but we couldn't help but share.  This little phone, about the size of a credit card, was created to be an Eco-Phone.  Made out of bamboo, lower power E-Ink display, etc. 
The concept further pleases the EcoGeek by providing a rewards system for green activities.  Designer Nicola Reed says that a phone such as this could be able to analyze the user's day to day impacts on recommended site buy real viagra the fda approves cialis environment.   Based on that analysis, green users are rewarded with free minutes and other bonuses.
We don't know that Verizon would buy intosuch a scheme, but Nicola gets props for the idea nonetheless.

Memory Stick Sticks

The quirky Dutch design studio OOOMS has created a USB 2.0 flash stick housed inside of an...actual stick. While the odd juxtaposition between the computer and the natural stick is a nice way to declare to cialis order 5 mg the world that you are an EcoGeek, there is cialis cheapest nothing really environmentally friendly about the product.

Each stick is hand picked from the forest. Selected based on natural beauty, no two are alike. Choose from four sizes, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb or 1Gb available at OOOMS website . While you're there check out other clever designs like Rebellious Cabinets, Hairhats and the Anti Gravity Machine.



I am Stuck on Fuel Cells

{mosimage}Make: makes our hearts warm.  And Make: writer Gavin Harper can make a fuel cell out of a couple of bandaids .  So, listen up, all you need is two bandaids (the kind you would put on a nice big knee scrape,) some steel screen (the kind you would put around your pool in Florida,) some methanol (which, alas, you probably shouldn't have lying around the house) and an MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly, which you should probably buy, rather than Make.)
Follow the simple instructions and, voila, a fuel cell.  Just plop a couple drops of we like it canada levitra online methanol on your creation and, voila, .25 volts.  Enough to power, well, not much.  But still, your very own fuel cell.

Biodiesel Circumnavigation: The Power of Pete's Ass


Circumnavigating the globe in a biodiesel powered, ultra-efficient trimaran is one thing. Adding one liter of biodiesel extracted from your own ass is something else.

{mosimage}Pete Bethune is circumnavigating the globe for two reasons. First, to beat the speed record for circumnavigation. That will take about 65 days, besting the current record by ten days. Then Pete and his team will tour around the world for 18 months to raise awareness for renewable resource use.

And, yes, Pete had a pound of fat removed from his butt to be mixed with the fuel of his craft. A sacrifice, I suppose, he was willing to make.

Check out for more info 

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