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Sliming riots: not just a great name for a H.S. punk band

Okay, so EcoGeek points go to the geek who has the best reason that this is not a good idea (because I'm yet again skewing more "geek" than "eco"):
The Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, is developing{mosimage} a riot-control weapon that shoots slime at unruly crowds so they slip and order viagra uk fall over.
"Riot police or troops would wear a back pack with three cylinders – one containing compressed air, another filled with plain water and a third containing a supply of very dry, finely ground, polyacrylamide powder. A nozzle, resembling a shower head, would blasts two separate jets, containing the water and the polymer powder, in the general direction of an ugly crowd.

"As the two jets mix in the air, after clearing the nozzle, they create a slimy mixture that covers the sales cialis ground and causes everyone in the area to cialis australia fall down. Even vehicles should be unable to get a grip on the goo, the patent says. And because the usefull link female herbal levitra gel is non-toxic, it should cause no permanent harm, besides a few bruised bottoms, that is."

Slime? Really? I don't care how non-toxic something is, shooting slime all over the place has to be bad for something. I'm just not smart enough to know what it is. And that's my excuse for posting this at EcoGeek. Also, it's very funny.
Sometimes I miss "You Can Do That On Television ."

Potato Power


OK, I don't know why I think it's so great that someone created a potato-powered sound system using a 500 lb bag of potatoes. I don't even know if this is officially ecogeeky, since, after all, this isn't doing anything to save the environment. But, I guess, now we know how to power our iPod's when the apocalypse comes. Though, probably potatoes will be useful for more traditional purposes by then.

Full Article Here


The Power of Pee

{mosimage} It's cheap, non-toxic, and we've got plenty of it. Why not find a way to use it. Some crazy scientists at Singapore's Institute of viagra without prescription us pharmacy Bioengineering and Nanotech have managed to harness the power of urine to create a substantial amount of electricity.

The 'battery' is created from a piece of paper soaked in a copper chloride solution sandwiched between strips of magnesium and copper and then laminated between transparent plastic films.

When a few drops of urine are added to battery, the urine reacts with the copper chloride producing as much energy as a AA battery.

Imagine the day, not to far in the future, when our iPod runs out of of juice and all we have to do is cialis no doctor squeeze out a few drops to rev it back up.

OK, so this is mostly useful in medicine, where the electricity is actually being used to text the urine being used to create the electricity. Maybe a little less universally applicable, but still extremely cool.

Via LiveScience 


Gravity Plane?

{mosimage}ost of cheap prices for viagra my fossil fuel footprint is airplane travel. I've worked out how to avoid those pesky old cars (small town, work at home, etc). But if I want to usefull link levitra canadian go see my mom, or attend my brother's bachelor party, I'm certainly not going to walk to the South East United States. Planes eat up the kerosene, and there's not much we can do about it. Lifting tons of over-sized carry-on bags into the air requires an enormous amount of energy.

I'm still wrapping my head around this but, apparently, Hunt Aviation has fugured out how to use the same force that works so hard to keep airplanes on the ground, to lift them into the air. The Gravity Plane does just that. First by filling itself with helium, gravity pulls the heavier air all around underneath it. Then, the plane sucks it's helium back into its tanks, and uses gravity to propel it downward and cialis legally forward. If it ever needs another boost, it just fills up its internal helium chambers again, and climbs.

The gravity plane requires NO FUEL, just the power of the earth's gravity, which is, by any means, considerable.

Nothing is burned, it makes virtually no noise and can land without the need for long runways. I imagine that all this climbing and gliding will make for a somewhat slow ride, but probably faster than driving. The gravity plane would, of course, be massive, with one zeppelin under each wing. But, if it proves a viable form of transportation, I could finally go to North Carolina to visit mom and come home with a clean conscience.

Via Damn Interesting

Video of the Gravity Plane 


LED Construction Signs Hacked.


Honestly, I've considered doing this before, but placed it above my personal level of expertise. Someone, or a group of someone's in or around the University of Toronto has figured out how to hack the construction signs and is using them for environmental messages. Not only the ones shown here proclaiming “Don't Drive” and “Take Your SUV Back to Detroit” but also advertising a campus event on sustainability.

I'm impressed.  Rumor has it that a campus activist group, Cars Off Campus, is responsible. But I sure hope no one gets in trouble for that rumor.

 Check out this Movie of the signs in action.

 Via TreeHugger and Spacing

 Photos and Movie by Kevin Braken


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