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Why Antarctica Isn't Melting Like the Arctic...Yet

You've probably noticed that you read a lot of stories on Arctic melt, how quickly it's progressing, opening up shipping lanes and generic levitra next day delivery hurriedly moving towards ice-free summers.  But what you don't read much about is melting of Antarctica's ice sheets.  If global warming is causing polar ice melt - why don't we hear about Antarctica?

Well, that's because the cheapest viagra uk continent's ice sheets aren't melting that much - not yet.  Warming and melting are happening: the Antarctic peninsula is continually melting, the Wilkins ice shelf is collapsing, but overall the change is happening slowly (thankfully).

The reason for this is higher temperatures are mainly occuring during the winter and spring instead of the summer when almost all of the melt happens.  The summer has been shielded from warming by strong circumpolar winds.  Stronger winds act like a cold air seal, keeping warm air out.  Over the past few decades, the winds have been stronger because of buy cialis brand a thinner ozone layer, but that is reversing itself.  Over the coming decades, the ozone layer will thicken, winds will become weaker, and warming - and melting - will increase.

Now, here's why that's scary.  Antarctica's ice sheets contain enough frozen water to canadian pharm propecia online raise global sea levels by 60 meters.  We've all seen the slideshow.  So, for now, Antarctic ice is acting a bit like a sleeping giant, let's hope we find a way not to wake it.

via New Scientist



2009 Saw Less Media Coverage of Environment

Yes, you read that headline correctly.  Last year saw less media coverage of climate change and the environment than the we like it when will cialis be available as a generic two previous years.

Really?  Even with continued scientific evidence of climate change being published, the lead-up to an international conference on the subject and the feeling that more people than ever have an interest in learning about climate change and protecting the environment, the topic only accounted for 1.5 percent of media stories, down from the already dismal 1.7 percent in 2008 and 2007.

The study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism, which tracked weekly media coverage from 55 outlets for the past year, ended on December 6, so COP15 coverage was left out of the totals.  But two weeks of intense coverage can't make up for an entire year of levitra professional no prescription little coverage.

As someone who makes up their day reading and writing stories on the topic, and for all of you EcoGeeks out there who follow the topic closely, it's easy to get caught up in our own little world and not realize that the viagra price online information isn't making it to everyone.  If anything, this study makes me, and hopefully all of you, more determined to write, talk, even dance (if it will help) about the subject as much as possible in 2010.

via Pew Research Center


Are Dolphins People?

The line between species is pretty clear. Dolphins most recent common ancestor with us is a long way down the line. But the question of whether Dolphins are, in a rather philosophically scientific way, people is a lot more complicated. Now, of course, the ethics are confusing. What do we value about the non-human world? What makes intelligence more important than other attributes? Should all non-humans be treated equally well (or poorly)? Etc. But if the question is one of intelligence, then science has already started to answer those questions.

Lori Marino at Emory University is taking a scientific approach to viagra super active determining how human dolphis are. She's simply running them through an MRI and measuring the complexity of their brains. The result, unsurprisingly, is that dolphins are extremely smart. Their brains, according to Emory, are more complex than any other non-human brain, beating out Chimpanzees for the title.

Of course, we might not have needed MRIs to tell us this. Dolphins have the largest non-human brain to body-size ratio and getting viagra online the same folds that make our brains so useful. And, just behaviorally, they've been shown to teach eachother, have regionally specific "languages" and appear to have a defined concept of self.

The question is, can science answer a question that has, thus far, been philosophical. Can we determine whether dolphins are, in effect, an alien species with a mysterious technology and culture just as we are to them. And, if so, is it possible to stop the "harvesting" that might, in fact, be murder.

Via TreeHugger


Will Dolphins Need Noise-Canceling Headphones? Rising CO2 Could Lead to cheapest price propecia cheap Louder Oceans

Researchers at the University of Hawaii have discovered a strange and potentially damaging result of increased CO2 in the atmosphere:  louder oceans.  More CO2 in the atmosphere leads to more acidic seas and more acidic seas produce fewer sound-absorbing chemical reactions meaning noise will travel farther and be louder.

The researchers have used ocean models and CO2 projections to predict regional sound absorption changes.  They found that seas in the upper latitudes and deepwater formations will be most dramatically impacted (these areas are facing the worst acidification) with sound absorption falling by 60 percent.

Low frequency sounds (1,000 - 5,000 hertz) like ship propellers and how to get viagra military sonar will be louder, but scientists aren't sure yet what the impact on marine life will be.  The worst-case scenario is that those louder man-made sounds will interfere with marine mammal communication and echolocation sounds.  On the other hand, the animal sounds will be louder and travel farther too, so their calls might not be drowned out.  The researchers are continuing their studies to find out.

via NY Times


Data Center Underneath Cathedral Will Heat Finland Homes

Data centers generate a lot of heat.  In fact, over 50 percent of the energy used by data centers is for cooling the servers, not computing.  Almost all efforts to make them more efficient focus on keeping the equipment cool with less energy.  But what if all that heat could be used for good? We recently wrote about the potential of generic propecia effective using waste heat to generate electricity, but this time the propecia buy cheap benefit of the heat is the heat itself.

The excess heat generated by a new Finnish data center will be used to warm homes throughout Helsinki.  The data center will be builit under the Uspenski Cathedral, nestled in the bedrock in a former WWII bomb shelter.  The waste heat will be captured and pumped into the city heating network that consists of water-heated pipes that deliver heat to homes.

The data center, being built by company Academica, will be able to heat 500 large houses, equivalent to the energy output of one large wind turbine.

In order to attain the title of "world's greenest," the data center will also consume half the energy of a typical data center.  Academica expects the efficient data center to cut half a million dollars from their energy bills.

via Reuters

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