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JAN 25

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"..then the number one most pressing problem on earth would be global o..."

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First Wind-Augmented Sky Sail Barge Takes to Sea!

We first reported on SkySails back in 2006. Since then, we've been following the viagra for women sea trials and the progress as this has moved towards implementation, and now, the first ship making a SkySail augmented trip is on its way from Germany to Venezuela.

The MV Beluga SkySails is a 130-meter long container ship with a capacity of 474 TEU (twenty-foot equivalent units, a measure of standard shipping containers).

It's wonderful to see a technology we've been following go from conceptual idea to an actual implementation. Cutting 10-15 percent of fuel used is a good step, in and of itself. But since oceangoing vessels typically burn some of canada cialis generic the most polluting fuels, there could be even greater benefits as additional vessels begin using SkySails.

The image shows the vessel at dock with its sail in the parked position.

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written by Brian, January 26, 2008
As a total Age of Sail history nerdfighter, I find it extremely exciting to see practical elements of the past being included in the way of the future. Freighting is finally taking advantage of the most efficient offshore mode of transportation on the planet.
This is an incredible breakthru
written by Mark Thien, January 26, 2008
I will bring this technology to my country, which is Malaysia and also South East Asia. SkySail, can you please provide information on where to get cialis marketing this in other countries? Thanks !
Great for them!
written by PVgeek, January 26, 2008
I just read an article yesterday about a cruise ship using sails in there travels too. This is fantastic stuff as so much oil is best price for generic cialis wasted by boats every year.
written by linoleo, January 26, 2008
if you have contacts in the shipping business in Malaysia, just point them to the SkySails website, - they have a lot of information there, right up to the request form for a price quote.

The only problem may be that (from what I hear) their order books are filling quickly...
written by Lynn, January 28, 2008
This is an amazing development. Hope it'll catch on! This'll really save tons of we use it levitra sale buy oil.
Sail Carbon Neutral
written by Ray Fontanes, January 31, 2008
Now if they only burned Waste Vegatable Oil instead of deisel, they could be carbon neutral.
If there was that much waste oil..
written by robbak, August 20, 2008
..then the number one most pressing problem on earth would be global obesity due to the amount of fish-and-chips being consumed.

There you go: To solve the viagra for women greenhouse effect, we have to get India and China addicted to order generic viagra MacDonald's Fries!!

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