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Wind Turbine Manufacturers Can't Meet Demand

Creating a lightweight, completely smooth, extremely strong, perfectly formed piece of fiberglass that's longer than the wingspan of a 747 isn't easy. And, once it's made, it's not easy to ship it, and two of its twins, out to the folks who want it either.

Capturing energy from wind has become increasingly economical as turbines have increased in size...but it's also become much more complicated. And that falling price combined with complicated logistics is a recipe for delays.

If you want a wind farm today, and have the billions of bills it takes to get one, you'll have to wait up to two years before you get your turbines. Already, planned wind farms are being delayed even after they've been approved and viagra online pharmacy no prescription secured financing.

The bad news is that this means slower growth in wind energy production in the near-term. The good news is that investors see the best online generic viagra shortage as an obvious sign that they should be dumping billions of dollars into helping manufacturers grow. Ideally, this investment will not only end the supply shortages, but significantly increase the amount of new wind projects installed per year.

Via CNet GreenTech

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Overpopulation is the problem
written by Radical green, April 07, 2008
John Feeney had this right: no matter how much we improve our energy consumption, we're still too many people on the planet!
written by Cassie Wedekind, April 07, 2008
Sounds like a bitter sweet situation. Hopefully, the slow growth of wind energy won't last long.
Already obsolete ...
written by Alan Arnold, April 08, 2008
Go take a look at this story above: Although these dramatic devices, ingenious products of online viagra canada modern technology applied to very good site viagra and canada custom an old idea, will be around for a long time to come, it appears that they have already become obsolete, to be superseded by the "jet age" of wind power.
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written by wedding dress, July 18, 2008

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