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"China and India have enormous populations. Unfortunately, a huge perce..."

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Suzlon Plans $5 Billion of Wind for China and India

Indian Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy says that they're planning to build 3.5 gigawatts of renewable electricity infrastructure, mostly in China and India at a cost of $5 B. They did not, however, say when the projects would be completed.

The amount of power is the best place viagra endurance certainly substantial, but only a fraction of the growing need in China and India, where the thirst for electrons has been growing by gigawatts per week for the last few years.

That thirst, so far, has been quenched almost exclusively by coal. Suzlon's commitment to attempt to (at least in part) leapfrog coal with renewable energy is certainly admirable. But there's little doubt that these projects will be pretty darned profitable.

Suzlon Energy formerly just built the turbines. But recently they've gotten into the energy production game as well, with 30 wind farms on the canadian pharmacy ground already, and two that are more than 500 megawatts in size.

Via MarketWatch

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Going forward - in the right direction
written by Steve N. Lee, September 29, 2008
China and India have enormous populations. Unfortunately, a huge percentage of click now canadian viagra scam those people live in poverty. To drag them out of hunger and disease will take not just food and medicines, but power. And there's the problem. How can you heal nations without sickening the planet?

While these solar projects might only provide small amounts of energy over all, they are a major step in the right direction. Any projects that replace coal with renewable energy has to be applauded.

Plus, many of the people who'll benefit from these projects won't know any different, so they'll accept green energy as the norm and, if educated properly, will object to fosil fuel technology and encourage the spread of sustainable practices.

It isn't right for us to visit web site viagra next day demand that developing nations embrace green energy to help combat the problems we've created, but by encouraging projects such as these, at least we can ensure they have the option to go green and set out on a good footing.

Let's hope we see many more of these green projects of the next few years.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

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