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OCT 30

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"When I first saw it, the Swift wind turbine it seemed like a fragile d..."

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Cheap New Turbine Could Turn Your Roof into a Wind Farm

Micro-wind has always been a bit of a dream of viagra online india mine. Yes...I want it. I want there to be wind turbines on every roof I can see out of my little second-story window. And while that might be a bit of a pipe dream (my town happens to be classified by 3Tier's wind mapping system as a 1, the least windy of all classes) it might be possible for much of America. 

The Swift turbine is a new ultra-light, ultra-quiet wind turbine that has begun showing up on alternatives to cialis rooftops, mostly of commercial installations. And in places with wind classes 4 - 6, it's very nearly as cheap as getting your electricity from the grid.

Swift Turbine's patented design has several advantages over traditional turbines. First, the dual tail on either side of the turbine keeps it facing into the wind, but also greatly reduces noise and vibration. While many wind turbines can roar in high winds, the Swift Turbine is whisper quiet, making it ideal for in-city use. 

Already the turbines are being installed on businesses and rooftops in windy areas of America. But they do have a great deal of only best offers cheap generic cialis competition from other small-wind manufacturers out there.

It will be interesting to see if small-wind is going to buy viagra where be a significant power source for Americans and, if so, which manufacturers will go big in the next ten years.

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written by nicster, October 30, 2008
I want there to be wind turbines on every roof I can see out of my little second-story window. And while that might be a bit of a pipe dream (my town happens to be a 1, the least windy of all classes)...

Heh. Maybe your dream can come true after all. What Missoula needs, at least in the winter, is a whole bunch of these things on every rooftop, switched to reverse and blowing the smog out of the valley (although I'm sure the neighbors will complain). ;)
Cheap New Wind Turbine???
written by August Flanagan, October 30, 2008
I have been doing a little research the past few days on these Swift Turbines, and while they sound great they are anything but cheap. One Swift turbine, installed, costs around $12,000. Also, while they may be able to generate enough electricity to power an average home in some areas (say Chicago or Great Falls, MT), on average they will only produce about 2000 kWh of electricity per year in areas that have an average wind speed of 8 miles per hour. That's only about one fifth of the average household electric consumption in the U.S.

I am a big fan of the Swift turbine, but the lowest price viagra overseas price is going to have to come down big time before we start seeing them pop up around the country.
written by stop killing our deserts, October 31, 2008
If we all join together and insist on FEED IN TARIFFS, so we will be PAID for energy we feed into the grid at great rates, we will see paybacks diminishing to very reasonable levels. this is all about energy policy. right now all the taxpayer and ratepayer money is flowing to cialis no prescription canada BIG ENERGY so we need to switch the paradigm, save our open spaces, and get paid for doing the right thing - generating clean power and conserving/reducing our own consumption.

there is generic viagra online pharmacy NO need to recentralize and remonopolize energy infrastructure where wind and budget levitra sun are so ubiquitous. those of us in better solar and wind "resource areas" should be encouraged to oversize our systems to boost those who are not as able to generate power.

Feed In Tariffs. Working in 40 countries already. let's get with the program!!
Microwind is crap
written by bbm, October 31, 2008
You're MUCH better off spending the money on solar.

Small turbines are inefficient, loud, and need to be at least 60 feet in the air to get good winds.

Something that size MIGHT generate 100-200 kwh per month, with average wind conditions. IOW, it might make a few hundred dollars of electricity per year.

written by Roberto, November 01, 2008
$12,000? This looks like $10 worth of cheapest cialis prescription material. Add some batteries and an inverter, and you've got a lot less than $12,000. Where's the competition ,I ask?
What about a wind co-operative
written by Andrew, November 01, 2008
It's always going to be more cost effective and more efficient to build big turbines on the order viagra or levitra top of a mountain or at sea.

Id like to see a co-operative where I can pay e.g. $10,000 for a share in a wind farm. I would just want a reasonable household sized share of the electricity. What I don't use would be credited in cash.
And another thing...
written by bbm, November 01, 2008
That particular Swift turbine is not "new". It's been out for years, and the video of it on try it buy cialis generic that site is at least 2 years old.

Really, this site should be more than just another press release for companies like Swift.

Here's some nuts and bolts sites that take a balanced look at wind power (they're high on big wind turbines but very skeptical of rooftop wind):

Hugh even describes home built turbines for his community.
S & M Director
written by Ken, November 07, 2008
Why it's so expensive.... Instead of basing the cost on the materials manufacturers are basing it a per kw cost that was set when it was expensive to viagra online cheap figure it all out at the begin of dev in the industry. The winner in the new energy market will be the ones who price these new systems out accordingly and forget about maximizing profits in exchange for the good of wow it's great viagra 100mg the people. They will make a killing in volume instead of hoping to capture a segment of a small market where 5% of can afford the system. I sell off the cialis gel grid new homes. To make new energy cost efficient we have had to redesign the whole home to off set the costs of solar and wind power. Now we can get you off the grid for 100-150 dollars per sq. ft. To retrofit an existing home to get it off the grid is not realistic for the average American.

We will see the day when cheap power is real. I believe that it is still a decade off but there are options now that can make it happen, you just have to be willing to change your house.
written by Gayle, November 09, 2008
I'm with you on this Ken. It's all about making million and billions of dollars off the people instead of lowering the price on these units and get viagra in canada mass selling. Sort of like what Walmart has done. If I could start the business myself I would. I work for a home builder here on the gulf coast and have done lots of research on solar and wind powered homes to offer in our area. Solar panels & wind turbines are still very expensive. I would buy stock in a company that would decrease cost to make less money but sell volumn. If you hear of cialis for less 20 mg a company doing this please email me at gsgs75 at g mail com. I would gladly check it out.

Tired of making high utilities payments
Cheap Altermnative
written by Abe, November 16, 2008
Not the size, nor the cost of the Swift, but this little wind generator is open source, so you could add 2 tails, if needed. Plus, it can be built for $50. Check it out:
Thanks for the Comments
written by Jim, December 06, 2008
Wow - Thank You for your real world feedback on viagra no rx required the swift wind turbines. If you do the math, most (totally electic) homes will use between 2000 and 3000 Kwh's per month. This wind turbine appears to only now purchase levitra in canada be very expensive and they do not even come close to generating enough electicity to justify the cost. We are a heat pump home with no gas and all electric. Despite the hype, this appears to be a really bad choice to reduce electric costs.

Am I missing something here?
Alternate Rooftop Wind Power
written by Greg Waits, August 08, 2009
Nice looking machine but please take a look at an alternative type of wind energy converter suitable for rooftop, pole or tower mounting.

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