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NOV 07

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Laser Sensors Increase Turbine Efficiency

A new fiber optic laser system can reduce wear and can i order viagra from the chemist increase output from wind turbines by sensing wind gusts from 1,000 meters away. Catch The Wind, a Virginia start-up, developed the device that allows turbines to adapt to the strength and direction of gusts before they hit.

Wind turbines lose one percent of their efficiency for every degree that a blade is out of alignment. Having a sensor to detect wind direction and speed could help protect the blades and boost efficiency, which also reduces cost. The company claims that the how to get cialis no prescrip tion laser system increases efficiency by 10 percent and also reduces maintenance costs by 10 percent.

The laser, set for production in 2010, works by pulsing three invisible beams in front of the turbine that measure horizontal and vertical speeds and changes in direction. The turbine gets 20 seconds notice of the information gathered by the lasers, enough time to adapt to catch more wind and cheap viagra reduce mechanical strain.

The major drawback of wind power is its inconsistency. If this device is cialis fast shipping able to maximize the energy harnessed when wind is present, this could have great benefits, especially if advances are made in energy storage.

via MIT Technology Review

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written by Jacob, November 08, 2008
this is exactly the kind of buy sublingual cialis thing that needs to be made!
written by jason, November 12, 2008
I didn't see mention of the energy costs vs the energy gains. Can this device be powered by the wind turbine?
written by jason, November 12, 2008
also, I get javascript errors on your page when viewing in IE7. Object expected, and syntax error.
written by Marcel, November 14, 2008
How the F#ck does this work?

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