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NOV 19

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"I find that wind power although not probably the greenest solution of ..."

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Is Cheap, Efficient Storage for Wind Power Finally Here?

With the rise of pfizer levitra uk wind power, many critics have focused on its unreliability and real viagra online without prescription how there's no efficient storage available. Other companies have worked on only for you canadian generic levitra online making the turbines themselves more efficient, but so far there hasn't been a low cost storage solution. Xcel Energy is hoping that their "Wind-to-Battery" project holds that solution.

The company is testing an 80-ton sodium-sulfur battery on a Minnesota wind farm and believes that it can power 500 homes for seven hours when fully charged. The battery consists of 20 50-KW modules that are together the size of two tractor trailers and can store 7.2 MWh.

The project is the first in the country to test the storage of wind power and while 500 homes isn't even a dent in the amount of homes that would need to be powered, it will give the company a good indication of how this type of storage could be expanded if the good choice cheap viagra 50mg test is viagra fast no prescription required successful.

via CleanTechnica

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written by jeremy, November 19, 2008
They should use a flywheel for storing the energy.
A highly dangerous technology
written by fuller, November 19, 2008
NAs batteries are highly dangerous, they operate at 300C, and can explode with the energy of generic viagra lowest prices a bomb. Such batteries would have to we choice 50mg viagra retail price be protected by armed guards because of the terror risk.
written by Cameron, November 19, 2008
Well folks I got bad news and I got good news. The bad news is that the wind is dead still and will be for days. The good news is you won't run out of power for 7 hours...
hydrogen caverne
written by ole, November 19, 2008
a very powerfull storage system will be the hydrogen caverne! i don't like the battery idea, thats not realy green.
written by Ken, November 19, 2008
Here is a fine article on NaS batteries:

written by Bill, November 20, 2008
It would make more sense to put the batteries close to where the power is needed than where the power is generated.
written by Clinch, November 20, 2008
80-tons of battery for only 500 homes?
I hope they figure out how to greatly increase the storage capacity.

Also, the possibility of this has been around for a long time, and it was my understanding that they didn't do it because the "electricity to battery to electricity" efficiency was too low, the high rate of self-discharge, the short lifetime, etc.
written by Mr. Lee, November 20, 2008
cameron, you don't put wind farms in places where the wind dies for days, except very rarely, and you don't rely solely on wind farms for electricity for that exact reason. But providing battery backup is still a good option because it makes the system more robust. But batteries have to be safe, environmentally friendly, and effective.
written by darius, November 20, 2008
AES and Altairnano was doing similar things a while back. And Altairnono batteries do not explode
written by EV, November 20, 2008
NAs batteries are highly dangerous, they operate at 300C, and can explode with the energy of a bomb.

My laptop battery could explode with the force of a bomb, as can many other lithium batteries.
Such batteries would have to be protected by armed guards because of the terror risk.

Gee, my regular batteries seem to do just fine without the armed guard. I smell FUD.
Paradigm Shift
written by Uncle B, November 20, 2008
As the great republican depression draws darkly over the Americas, we all begin to viagra generic cheap fast realize that we live an excessive and distinctly 19th century lifestyle. This will be remedied by extreme sociological and viagra onlime sales lifestyle adjustments forced on the viagra australia people by poverty, scarcity a useless dollar and hunger. As we draw ourselves out of the darkness we will find profound changes in the "American Dream" that will allow wind power, solar power and ground heating to become practical. We will light our way with LEDs, use practical solar assisted refrigeration, cook with much improved microwave methods, heat by passive solar and ground heat systems for super-insulated, realistically sized, built for 'hard times survival' dwellings and the personal car will be a plug in, ultra light carbon fiber Compressed Natural Gas / electric affair that will be so popular as to provide all the ballast the wind and solar generation need. Each dwelling in a given cluster will have solar voltaic systems with battery ballasts also hooked to wind power sources as ballast where possible. Banks of soft gel cialis spare, charged batteries for vehicles may also be available in some locations. The science and technologies for a clean, oil free way of life are almost all within reach, the depression will provide the motivation and the paradigm shift is upon us now! Hang on America, it's going to be a hell of a ride into the oil free 21st Century!
How about flow batteries???
written by JohnK, November 30, 2008
Take a look at http://www.electricitystorage....es_vrb.htm - vanadium (and other compounds) flow batteries. This is a technology already deployed on King Island in Australia and cialis online fast delivery other parts of the world.
There's a hole in your bucket, dear Liza
written by Richard Davine, November 30, 2008
When buildings use as much electricity as they have to, instead of now where they use as much as they can; we shall need less power produced, stored and distributed. Domestic properties should be off the grid and this large scale production should only be needed for cities and industrial areas.
We shall see if the republican depression is thwarted by a democratic boom.
Or is it just more political hype?
Could there be a FEMA use for these batt
written by Michael, November 30, 2008
While the buying viagra online canada efficiency of wind-to-battery is not necessarily high, it could be a great means by which FEMA or other disaster assistance agencies could store power on levitra lowest price tractor trailers, and ship them where they need them in case of disasters. Put them strategically located across the country, on the grid, constantly on a trickle charge, and it would reduce the use of emergency generators at least (which are usually diesel, and while not only utilizing petrolium, are heavy polluters). Just a thought. While technologies aren't perfect right now, and there are so many new products coming out, so many new technologies, if we really want to support a change to the market, and shift the paradigms, we have to start thinking in ways that we can find utility in products, instead of just dismissing them entirely. I'm in the energy field, always searching for custom solutions. There is no perfect solution for every situation. It cracks me up how many critics there are, and how few of those critics are actually working to develop something useful.
compressed air energy storage
written by Jeff Green, November 30, 2008
A better way to store energy is CAES (compressed air energy storage). I'm not against the batteries being tryed. This technology compresses air to 1000 lb/in squared usually during the night. Then its brought back out during the day combined by natural gas in a turbine. This was in a paper for running the cheap canadian pharmacy whole country on photovoltaics. This method was for powering the night time loads.
written by George, December 02, 2008
I noticed that this article - and the parent article - failed to provide any information on the cost or lifespan of this "new" battery storage system. Wonder why? Could it be that it would show that batteries of this type are not very cost-effective? Bet so!
written by Mark Sindone, February 20, 2014
I find that wind power although not probably the greenest solution of the lot, is really not very good at maximising the use of the land. Hopefully these batteries or the battery storage of another company can do buy viagra online site something about that. And quickly! Before all that glorious potential energy gets wasted

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