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DEC 29

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" Wind turbines are no longer things of the distant future; they are as..."

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U.S. Now Largest Wind Power Producer, Still Kinda Lame

The United States has just overtaken Germany (which happens to be about 27 times smaller than the US) as the world's largest wind energy producer. And now we're supposed to throw a party, right?

OK, maybe a small party. 2007 saw the third straight year of record growth for wind power in America, and even if we can't keep that up for 2008, the future of wind energy looks strong. At maximum capacity, we'd produce roughly 21 gigawatts of power with wind, though it's unclear exactly how much we're actually producing.

I won't really be happy until we're producing 27 times as much wind power as Germany. But, according to Randall Swisher, the executive director of the American Wind Energy Association, this puts us on track to beat the Department of Energy's goal to have more than 20% of America's power generated by wind by 2030.

That's good news...the question is, can we keep it up?

Via Cleantechnica

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written by Xero, December 29, 2008
FIRST!... AND NOW WE ARE FIRST... AWESOME SEE AMERICA IS NUMBER ONE....please no hippy talk of " yeah first in pollution" don't spoil the party with your downer comments
we're only 3 times as big as germany (po
written by bobbobberson, December 29, 2008
I think population is a better gauge of how well we're doing, we have between 3 and 4 times the amount of viagra canada people that germany does and tramadol so per capita we're not doing as bad as km^2. Since wind power takes people to install and design and test and use etc.etc.

But yes area may be a more reasonable measure to use since wind power takes area. To sit back and think of it does seem rather shocking that we can generate 27 times the electricity from wind power as Germany already does (no pun intended).

27 * 20,000 MW equals 540,000 MW, now thats alot of spark.
written by EV, December 29, 2008
To sit back and think of it does seem rather shocking that we can generate 27 times the electricity from wind power as Germany already does

Not necessarily. Just because we have 27 times the land area, does not directly translate to 27 times the wind power. Wind power is heavily dependent on buy viagra in uk *drum roll* the wind. Not all areas receive the same amount of wind.

To use Solar as an example, who do you think can generate more solar power per unit of area? Mexico or Canada?
"A" for effort but could (easily) do bet
written by Jon, January 06, 2009
Rather than wind-energy-capacity/population, a better measure yet would be energy wind-energy-capacity/energy-consumption-per-person. You see there are two ways to be "greener", one is to produce more clean-energy and the other is to reduce your consumption. The second is viagra cheap fast shipping where Americans fall short, while their production of clean-energy is to be applauded, their consumption of energy is 2 or 3 times more than their closest rivals.

Nevertheless, go USA! good for you, "A" for effort but could (easily) do better.
Ha! Awesome Take...
written by Eric, January 06, 2009
well said - and so concise. good article.
Giant flowers generate energy
written by Tomas Jimenez, August 14, 2009

Wind turbines are no longer things of the distant future; they are as real as the air we breathe. In some areas of the world there are farms of 25mg viagra online wind turbines providing energy for the neighboring cities and towns. Even though much good can be attained from wind farms there are those who oppose it because of their lack of appeal.
We can make wind turbines more appealing by blending their color with the surroundings or diminishing their contrast; being environmentally friendly while actually looking as part of it, rather than looking harsh and only today cheap cialis mechanical.
The tubular steel towers could be painted green, like the prairie they are sitting on and the blades like the petals of a flower. The center of the blades would be colored according to the appropriate variation of flower. Daisies, for instance, come in such varieties as Crazy Shasta Daisy, Golden Marguerite Daisy, Clara Curtis Daisy, Black-Eyed Susan Daisy, and Little Miss Muffet Daisy.
Other color patterns would blend with wheat or corn fields. Imagine a field of giant sunflowers or tulips of various colors. Even during the dry season or winter, they would showcase their colors, giving a hint of “greener times” to come. Artists can challenge themselves and create works of art for those who pass by.
•Add beauty to the surroundings
•More people may agree to have wind turbines in their area
•Schools and artists will get involved in design patterns
•Wind farms will become a tourist attraction
•Sense of local and national pride to showcase their “giant flowers”
•Different types of designs will require changes in the manufacturing process
•Turbines may take longer to produce since there is another step in the process
•Customized painting will add to where to find viagra the final cost
•Wind farms may need repainting periodically to retain their beauty
•Some customers may create “works of art” that cause local uproar
•Vandals may feel inspired to exercise their creativity on the towers
We can light up our creativity while lighting up our homes too. In the end the more appeal these wind turbines have, the more people support them. We can make an innovation to something green and turn it into something beautiful.

Tomas Jimenez, USA 13 Aug 2009

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