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APR 09

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"renewable energy has a good impact ..."

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Renewables Could Soon be 90% of New Capacity

As we pointed out a few months ago, America added more renewable energy in 2007 than non-renewable. That means that, yes, we are actually, for real, undeniably, headed in the spain female viagra right direction. Or, at least, we were...for that one year.

But according to a new report from The Prometheus Institute, we're on this path to stay. It looks, actually, like 90% of new capacity added in 2012 will be renewable, a high enough percentage that non-renewable energy will actually start declining absolutely, not just relative to the total energy mix.

Most of this new renewable energy will come from wind power, but a growing percentage will be solar. There should be about 16 gigawatts of wind coming online in the US in 2012, while solar will add 2 gigwatts. That might not seem like an impressive number for solar, but it certainly is when you see that fossil fuels, in 2012, will probably only increase by about 1 gigawatt.

All of this is being caused largely by an un-touted benefit of renewable's easier to regulate. The process for regulating new coal power plants and (to an even greater extent) nuclear plants means, at minimum, a five year lag time between conception and beginning construction. Solar and wind have, at minimum, just a year of regulatory time.

It will be very difficult to wean ourselves off of coal and petroleum, but the only way to usefull link on line pharmacy do it is online prescription for viagra to have all newly-installed power be renewable. And, in fifty-year's time, even the youngest of cialis fast delivery today's coal plants will be ready to retire. That is what we must do and, friends, it's what we're doing. Excellent.

Via Greentech Media

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written by John Rowell, April 09, 2009
This is very good news! Hope we do continue this trend.
written by Ken Heslip, April 09, 2009
Well done America! Welcome to the team. High fives all around. Keep it up.
how refreshing
written by James, April 10, 2009
I live in coal-polluted Ohio and it thrills me to no end as I read stories like this one. It's nice to read good news about the environment.
written by Bob Wallace, April 11, 2009
According to some calculations the US got about 1.7% of its electricity from wind farms in 2008.

That's the beginning of serious market penetration.

(And coal dropped a percent or so....)
written by Tim Albinson, April 13, 2009
This is great news! I have been involved with environmental issues for decades, and it’s encouraging to (finally) see such a positive trend in renewable energy.
written by Fred, July 27, 2009
renewable energy has a good impact

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