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MAY 14

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"They could set up a wind farm in the only here 100mg viagra House of Representatives!..."

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1 GW London Wind Farm On Track Again

The planned 1-GW London Array wind farm that, upon completion, will be the largest offshore wind farm in the world, is again moving forward after some financial difficulties. The project's investors began doubting the project and cialis buycialis onlin recently asked for a bailout, but it seems investors have now agreed to provide $3 billion in funding for the next phase of the project.

According to one of the investors, E.ON UK, increased support for offshore wind power from the UK government has made the project financially viable once again.

The wind farm will be located in the Thames Estuary and the first 630-MW phase of the project should be up and running for the 2012 Olympics. When the entire wind farm is complete, it will supply power for 750,000 homes and prevent the emission of 1.9 million metric tonnes of CO2 a year.

via Treehugger

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written by ed, May 14, 2009
It will save only 1.9 Metric tons of CO2 per year?Something wrong with that figure.
Wind Power in America
written by Derrick Gibson, May 15, 2009
Greetings, EcoGeek!

I grew up in Upstate NY, just on the shore of Lake Ontario, so when I think offshore wind energy, I think of only today female cialis the Great Lakes.

I have noticed that the EIA thinks that the Great Lakes are, en toto, an excellent wind power resource, but it seems as though it is being overlooked by both industry and industry analysts.

Do you have any information on mail order cialis whether anyone - including government groups from both the US and Canada - is exploring how best to tap these wind resources, which have the benefit of being so close to major population centers like Chicago and Toronto?
Invitation to Join A Blog Debate
written by Marc, May 15, 2009
our back and forth the other elicited a comment from one of your readers that I thought was interesting and cialis drug prescription started me thinking on how green bloggers advertise "green gadgets" and the rise of "green consumerism" and whether or not that was a net positive or net negative thing.

I thought it might be interesting to cheepest cialis start a dialogue with you on the matter. If you'd like to engage me on the matter, the post is here:

Look forward to further discussion with you on the matter.
1 GW London Wind
written by glenn, May 15, 2009
Yeah, maybe it's 1.9 (with a bunch of zeroes) metric tonnes? We will all breathe easier with more wind farms around the world!
written by al, May 15, 2009
re Derrick Gibson , I think that the great lakes are being looked out, nothing is planned as of yet, though know that Toronto is looking into it and has a introductory study planned in the future.
I think also the reason it hasn't already been jumped on is that offshore is more expensive than onshore, and there isn't a long term farm in place, so turbine lifespan and maintenance is an unkown for now. though the potential for the great lakes is we recommend viagra overnight obvious and will be exploited its just a matter of time
written by Musson, May 15, 2009
The proposed project off Martha's Vineyard was shut down because Islanders said it 'fouled their view.'

And, of course, windmills are deadly to avian americans.
written by Bob Wallace, May 17, 2009
Musson -

The Martha's Vineyard offshore wind farm has received a go-ahead.

Windmills kill almost no birds.

Google could be your friend....
Lots of wind in the Great Lakes
written by Raymond, May 19, 2009
Hey Derrick Gibson

There are lots of viagra in spain wind genorators in the great lakes. I'm in Sault Ste Marie Ontario and there are lots here
written by Fred, July 27, 2009
The offshore wind farm is an effective energy source
Wind Power on Long Island NY
written by Ray-ray, October 02, 2010
I think Long Island NY will have its day in the sun with wind farms offshore. We'll know its happening when our taxes go way up. Thats OK, our grand children with thank us for getting the ball rolling.
written by Evan Foster, March 26, 2011
They could set up a wind farm in the House of Representatives!

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