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JUN 16

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Oh Great...Global Warming is real cialis without prescription Slowing Wind Speeds

wind speed map
To combat global warming we need wind power, but apparently global warming is slowing down America's winds! Man...I'm about ready to give up!

OK, not really. In the first study of online pharmacy purchase cialis it's kind, scientists have determined that Americas winds are have slowed dramatically since their recorded peak in the 1970's. In some parts of the Midwest, average peak wind speeds have dropped as much as 10%. That's 10% less wind to capture with wind turbines, 10% slower return on investment for wind farms. EDIT: Actually, as commenters below pointed out, there is a cubic relationship between wind speed and only today selling viagra online wind power. So a 10% drop in speed means nearly a 30% drop in wind power.

Ever-cautious scientists, of course, say that it's too early to determine whether this is a real trend or not. But a very preliminary attempt at defining the mechanism of this decrease in wind speeds involves global warming. As the poles warm (and the poles have been warming at a greater rate that the wow look it canadian healthcare pharmacy rest of the world) the difference in temperature between the poles and the equator decreases. This temperature gradient is one of the Earth's largest wind-generators. So, it could indeed be that global warming is, in itself, making the fight against global warming more difficult.

Next thing you know, the heat from climate change will create more clouds, which will then decrease the number of sunny days in the sun belt!

When the AP got a hold of the story, the immediately called the American Wind Energy Association. They said that it was the first time they'd heard this potentially troubling news, but that they wanted to wait to see some confirmation before they started worrying.

Via AP

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um, doesn't it go with the square?
written by Tristan, June 16, 2009
I might be totally wrong here Hank, but I just assumed to sale of viagra first order wind power goes like drag with the square of generica viagra sale the wind speed, so 0.9^2 = .81 so we are out almost 20%.
written by Hank, June 16, 2009
Making the change now...scary stuff...but yeah, wind power does increase with the square of wind speed. More bad news...sigh.
RE: um, doesn't it go with the square?
written by Dave Smith, June 16, 2009
Actually, wind power works on a cubic relationship to wind speed, meaning we are losing 27.1%
written by Hank, June 16, 2009
Worse and Worse!
written by jerald, June 16, 2009
Next thing you know, the heat from climate change will create more clouds, which will then decrease the number of sunny days in the sun belt!

Excuse me but that is the theory of why there can be no run away global warming, cause if there are more clouds the world cools. Perhaps you might want to consider switching sides in the debatesmilies/kiss.gif
Stop already you're scaring the children...
written by Cameron, June 17, 2009
First I want to thank Jerald for pointing out the obvious irony of Hank's statement regarding clouds and sunny days.

In fact if anyone that reads this kool-aid is interested in real analysis and climate news read this:

and no I am not a wattsupwiththat troll.

Another link with analysis of the wind study...
Maybe it's global cooling that's stealing the wind?
written by Matt, June 17, 2009
Chicago's O'Hare airport reported the coldest Summer temperatures since they began keeping records.

Of course, it might be the fault of the kid with the Jar in the GE commercials.

Maybe Grandpa is drugs tramadol having another birthday.
written by solargroupies, June 18, 2009
Woah woah woah! Uh, Hank, not that we don't trust your word, but you didn't cite who found the data and what exactly it says! Not that we want to be critical thinkers about this stuff, but we do want to consider the source when we are talking about causality. Before we start getting worked up about drag coefficients and first order wind power we should at least establish some credibility.
written by Fred, July 08, 2009
Crazy how one thing impacts the other

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