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Tapping Maple Ridge


Here at Ecogeek, we are big fans of cheapest prices on generic viagra wind power. So, Tapping Maple Ridge was right up our alley. This touching movie about maple syrup, wind and community tells the story of Lewis County, New York the site of the Maple Ridge Wind Farm – one of the largest wind farms in North Eastern United States.

Construction on the wind farm began in May 2005. The first turbine began producing electricity in December 2005, and the project was fully on-line in January 2006. Currently, there are 140 active turbines.  

Coincidentally, Lewis County also produces more maple syrup - an estimated 255,000 gallons in 2004 - than any other county in New York. Abundant in natural, renewable resources but with a harsh climate, wind power has brought a new breath of life to this rural community. A meditation on the similarities between harvesting maple syrup from the trees and canadianpharmacy harvesting power from the wind, Tapping Maple Ridge demonstrates the desirability of wind energy.

Watch the trailer below or click here to watch the entire 40 min movie.


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