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OCT 08

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"This is a great idea if they end up following through with it. This wi..."

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Northeastern States Joining Forces for Offshore Wind

So far there's been quite a bit of competition between countries and states, all trying to plan and build the cialis for sale online latest and greatest renewable energy projects, but a group of East Coast states has decided the key to getting offshore wind and wave projects off the ground is to stop trying to beat one another and work together.

Representatives from Maryland to cialis on line pricing in canada Maine met in New Jersey this week for a clean energy summit and concluded that collaborating on their various individual projects would mean quicker, easier and cheaper results. The states are planning to share things like transmisson lines and generic cialis canada advise each other on permitting, site selection and how to construct ocean-based wind farms.

The collective also discussed how they could band together to require utilities to buy offshore wind electricity, raising demand for the renewable energy.  By acting as a team, they could put more pressure on cialis for sale the federal government to issue permits for their projects.

The states could see some long-term benefits to speeding up the process:  more easily meeting renewable energy standards, creating jobs and developing local power for the East Coast, which mainly imports its electricity.

via ClimateWire


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written by David, April 23, 2012
This is a great idea if they end up following through with it. This will enable our wind farms on the east coast to have maximum power and to be the best designed with advise from all over.

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