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NOV 13

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"CA is buying renewable energy from out of state because utilities are ..."

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203 MW Wind Farm Completed in Utah

It's great to try it best way to take viagra see some of the large wind farm projects that were just ideas a couple of years ago become reality. First Wind's Milford Wind Corridor project has just seen the completion of its first phase - 203.5 MW in Millard and Beaver Counties in Utah, the largest renewable energy facility in the state.

The wind farm consists of 97 turbines and will be able power 45,000 homes.  Southern California Public Power Authority is purchasing all of the electricity generated over the viagra prices united states next 20 years on behalf of the cities of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Burbank.

Construction on the wind farm began almost exactly a year ago.  Over the next few years, the wind corridor will expand to include four more phases totaling over 1 GW of wind energy capacity.

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45000 Homes ?
written by Dimitry D'hondt, November 14, 2009
That just goes to illustrate just how wasteful Americans are with energy. A 200 MW wind farm in Europe would power about 100.000 average homes. These are households that pay no specific attention to energy efficiency. It could easily power 200.000 homes of energy aware families (That's about 3/4 of a million people).
Re: Dimitry
written by EV, November 14, 2009
Dimitry, get off your self-righteous ass. The reason it's only 45,000 homes instead of 100,000 or more is because the 203MW is the peak power supplied, not the continuous power supplied. Wind farms generally run at 25%-40% capacity. Factor that into your equations and your 100,000 average European homes goes way down. Unless you're saying 100,000 average European homes could run off of 50MW.
Price of best price propecia Wind Energy
written by Kyle, November 14, 2009
That is impressive that it did not take too long to build these once they got going on them. IF there is a source like wind why not harness and use it because it is there anyway.
written by Enrique, November 15, 2009
What is impressive is the turbines were built in Utah. Utah runs its electricity with coal.
You Catch More Flies With Honey.
written by Ronald Brak, November 15, 2009
The United States does use about twice as much electricity per capita as the EU does, but as my grandfather always used to say, "You catch more flies with honey." We had no idea what the senile old fool was talking about. After all, why would you want to the best choice super levitra catch flies in the first place? I mean, what would you do where to get viagra cheap with them once you'd caught them? But anyway, that's what he used to say.
written by bill, November 16, 2009
Why does California think it will benefit from paying a company in Utah to build the turbines, from a company in Utah hiring local people to operate them, and for Utah to get the cleaner air from not running coal plants?

I support wind power, but why does California not buy wind power generated in California.
At least one state is figuring it out
written by VeruTEK Green Technologies, November 16, 2009
It is surprising that Utah is amongst one of the states to produce Wind Turbines considering the state is run by Coal. Surprise big wigs and politics didn't get involved with this. Still 203 MW is remarkable.
written by inverter, November 17, 2009
we should support NEW ENERGY SOURCES
It's in Utah because...
written by Greg, November 17, 2009
It doesn't say in the article but First Wind chose the Utah location because of its somewhat unique trait of having a highly static and predictable wind pattern, thus eliminating much of the risk of building the farm in the first place. If people are going to get grumpy about who gets the wind power generated from where, it's going to slow down the whole process.
CA buying UT wind because...
written by Dave, November 27, 2009
CA is buying renewable energy from out of state because utilities are required to meet certain renewable power requirements (20% by 2010).

Apparently it's faster to buy out of state renewable energy than it is to get it up and follow link generic cialis cheap running locally.

Not surprising, there aren't a whole lot of good renewable energy sources and some of the better ones have hit NIMBY issues.

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