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JUL 15

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"Nukes are have a 10% less carbon footprint than coal. cancer rises in ..."

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Renewables Made Up Half of New Power Installed in U.S. Last Year

A new study by the tramadol online pharmacy apo address Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), a UN-backed organization, found that in 2009, half of new power generation capacity built in the U.S. was in the form of buy levitra canada renewable energy.

And we're not alone.  In Europe, renewables accounted for 60 percent of new power generation capacity in 2009, and globally, renewables now comprise 25 percent of power capacity and delivered 18 percent of the world's electricity in 2009.

China has made the greatest strides by adding 37 GW of renewable energy and leads the world in the manufacturing of both solar panels and wind turbines.

Though these numbers are exciting, renewables still only account for a small fraction of total electricity produced in the U.S.  We have a long way to go, but at least we're heading in the right direction.

via Inhabitat

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written by Ariel, July 15, 2010
This makes me hopeful for the future of the Earth and mankind.smilies/smiley.gif
written by ByGoingGreen, July 15, 2010
It certainly is an improvement over years past. I can only hope it continues to grow.
Green Energy
written by prabhat roy, July 15, 2010
It is really wonderful to speard the massage of solar energy. which has never been priority of Indian govt. Istead of discount soft cialis Nuclear deal with Amarica, we would have a solar energy deal with Amarica. Amarica has not established any Nuclear enregy plant,but we are keen to estblish it without reminding chernoble havoc.
written by Doc Rings, July 16, 2010
@Prabhat Roy: Thank you for posting, and I know English is not your first language, so you are courageous to post.

I think renewables+nuclear are the viagra headaches way to go for the future to rid us of coal power in the long run.

New atomic power plants are Soooo much safer, and even Mother Earth Jones magazine had a great article on how nuclear really can be part of our solution.
Nukes suck and are not renewable!
written by Richard Davine, July 22, 2010
Hey Doc, pull your finger out of your ring! Nukes are mined (releasing CO2), transported (releasing CO2), refined (releasing CO2), used in expensive hard to protect against corruption and terrorism facilities (releasing CO2), and leave nuclear waste which last longer than religion (releasing CO2 to transport and store for ever). So nukes aren't green and rx cod tramadol also are dual use (can be used to make the worlds most powerful weapons.
Green electricity is the future and this is great news and it doesn't include nukes which are unwanted, unnecessary and never safe.
Go solar, wind, wave and tidal!
Lesser of two killers
written by Ray Fontanes, July 26, 2010
Nukes are have a 10% less carbon footprint than coal. cancer rises in areas near Nuke plants. Go Point-Zero overunity.

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