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AUG 12

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"According to a 2006 report on the NY power authority Long Island Bus d..."

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First Test of canadian online pharmacy viagra Wind-to-Battery Storage Is a Success


Xcel Energy has been testing the first grid-scale battery storage system in the United States at an 11-megawatt wind farm in western Minnesota. The company's recently released interim report (PDF) indicates that this type of storage can be useful to the Smart Grid and cost of viagra can aid in the deployment of wind power.

The one megawatt sodium-sulfur battery has been undergoing testing since 2008 near Sioux Falls SD. The final report will be complete in 2011, following the next phase of testing which will examine "the potential value of the various battery system functions and determine the potential cost effectiveness of the technology." Xcel considers this to be a small-scale demonstration project that will help determine its strategy for future deployment of "proven technologies that meet or exceed cost, reliability, and environmental requirements."

Several different issues were being tested with the battery installation including the effectiveness of shifting wind generated energy from off-peak to on-peak availability, balancing the variability of wind generated power, and responding to real-time imbalances between generation and load. All of brand name cialis for sale these traits are important for the expanded and efficient use of wind power.

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written by Gladys, August 12, 2010
Something to 5mg cialis cheer! I wish they had passed the energy bill for the sake of much need technology
A good start, however...
written by Alessandro Machi, August 12, 2010
What happens when the battery outlives its usefulness? How much energy will be required to safely deconstruct the battery to a non-toxic state?
The Proud March of Technology
written by Matt Shaw, August 12, 2010
Love it. It's a great step towards making wind energy a more stable, viable alternative to coal-fueled power. And, of course, it's a good counterpoint to the "when the wind blows" argument, which lots of people like to use to tear down wind power, despite the obvious environmental and economic benefits.

Speaking of, I love this video about a small town in Maine that got a huge economic boost when they built a wind farm there:
written by Hamish Barker, August 16, 2010
According to a 2006 report on the NY power authority Long Island Bus depot Battery Storage Project, the total cost of the project, with a 1MW, 6.5MWh NGK Sodium-Sulfur battery system, was $3.85 million.
According to NGK, a 1MW, 7.2MWh battery system is expected to viagra buy online deliver a total of 29160MWh over the entire life of we like it viagra philippines the battery.

Scaling the capital cost from the NY project, the cost per MWh of delivered energy is
3.85Million x 7.2 / 6.5 / 29160 =

If the wind power is generated at say, $75/Mwh, this means the average sold cost of power needs to be more than $238/MWh.

In a tight peak power market, this might be possible.

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