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AUG 31

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"Well, seeing as I'm in Wisconsin, a little far away to do a proper sit..."

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Coast Guard Implementing Net Zero Housing

The U.S. Coast Guard has set a goal of pharmacy cialis a net zero carbon footprint for housing at their Southwest Harbor Base in Maine.  The base is using solar panels, solar hot water heaters and levitra 100 mg now a wind turbine for their energy needs.  Efficiency-boosting retrofits will also be done, including new electrical systems and better insulation.

The newly-installed wind turbine sits atop a 70-foot tower and provides power to a duplex housing unit located on the buy brand name cialis base.  The upgrades and retrofits will begin in October.

The Coast Guard is looking to install wind power at other bases in Maine and around the country.  This push toward renewable energy is part of a bigger program by the Department of Defense to buy discount cialis online get 25 percent of their energy from renewable sources by 2025.

As Capt. James McPherson of the Coast Guard said, "We want to be good stewards of the environment and we want to be careful how we spend tax payer dollars, but we also think the debate is mexican rx cialis low price over whether we need to go to alternative energy.”  Yes, it is.

via Inhabitat

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No, it isn't. Let them spend their own damn money, not ours., Low-rated comment [Show]
Good / Bad
written by Jeff C, August 31, 2010
Like the first comment, I think that our governments spends far too much money. That being said, I think this is a wise investment. I think the coastguard actually does a fair amount of useful stuff such as search and rescue, etc. Having this power source ensures they are not subject to future inflation. The cost of the energy at these locations will not increase or decrease over time, since they get it all on site. When they build a standard structure, the tax payers don't immediately see the real costs associated with heating / cooling / electricity that are associated with that structure.
Eco Gadget
written by Michelle Dupree, August 31, 2010
Great milestone projoect to inspire people for going green.
Fred ur dumb
written by Joe, August 31, 2010
You're upset because you don't understand the buy viagra online cheap economics of renewables, especially wind and viagra 100 mg solar...

This IS a smart decision because the initial investment will be payed back AND MORE because they won't have to cialis purchase purchase energy from the grid or they are selling it back to grid.... actually saving the government money; your money! You're just dumb.
Hey Smart-Joe - your'e so smart - show us the numbers!
written by Fred, August 31, 2010
So you have it all figured out eh? You're a topnotch spreadsheet jockey with all the cost-saving numbers in your back pocket? NO, I didn't think so. You have no clue what the payback is on this. But I'll bet you everything in your bank account, that if there was any way they could show a decent payback projection on a project like this, they would be singing it from the treetops.

Wise up sonny boy. I understand the economics just fine. I do engineering cost-benefit analyses in my work. Find some other direction to blow your smoke.


I love the follow link generic levitra cheap ideas that so many different people are trying, in order to make a cleaner greener world. I'm all for it. But getting government involved is the dumbest, slowest, and most expensive way possible to attempt progress. People who are willing to risk their own money, though? Bet on them, they will produce winners, both economically and technically.
written by Off Grid Hipster, September 01, 2010
I'm glad they are taking neccesary steps. If they took even 5% of what they spend on the miliarty, on Green Technologies, it would make a huge difference. Lets keep this up, encourage your politicians to encourage these programs.

written by Gerald, September 01, 2010
Soon see coast guard and navy with wind power sailing boats like fast trimarans can do more than 20 knots. Very smart, lets encourage them.
the numbers
written by Joe, September 01, 2010
Well, seeing as I'm in Wisconsin, a little far away to do a proper site assessment and cost-savings calculation this will be a little hard. But I can tell you two things: 1. Maine's solar potential is about equal to we recommend info levitra Wisconsin's. 2. Maine's wind potential on the coast is far greater than my location in Wisconsin.

And after years of doing site assessment/cost-savings, there hasn't been a system I've recommended in Wisconsin with over a 20 year payback. Most are around 15 years. Bring Maine's incentives, which are a little less than Wisconsin's, into the equation and it doesn't help the payback, true. But the amount of wind potential working on that turbine will make up for that. So- can't say for sure but there's probably a 15 year payback, system life of 30-40 years = ur dumb, they'll get their money back AND more.

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