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Denmark Could be Fossil Fuel-Free by 2050

A new report by the Denmark government's climate commission says that the country could by fossil fuel-free by 2050.  The majority of the nation's energy requirements would be met by wind and viagra england biomass energy.

Denmark is already a world leader in wind, with about 20 percent of its energy coming from wind, so compared to other countries, they don't have quite as far to go, but going completely fossil fuel-free will still be quite an overhaul.

The report says that the government will actually save money through this transition to renewables and it has a clear-cut plan for the government to follow.  The committee says by investing 0.5 percent of the annual GDP every year in renewable energy, the country could easily meet the 2050 goal.  The total investment would total about $2.5 billion.

The government is releasing an official climate strategy in November and will be taking this report into account. 

via Guardian

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Awesome but why 40 years?
written by Dave, September 30, 2010
Just curious, why is it going to take a small country like Denmark 40 years from now to be fossil fuel free? With stuff like that recent post featuring what Makani Power was doing with wind I'd think even the discount generic cialis U.S. could be fossil fuel free in that time. Any thoughts?
Only $2.5 billion
written by Gene, September 30, 2010
Denmark will spend $2.5 billion to go 100% renewable.
American will spend 100x on bailouts.
Its a government study
written by Matt, October 01, 2010
It takes 40 years couple of reasons
1: Its a government study, they are not going to assume an aggressive technology growth.
2: They had to make assumption based on projected costs, about how much would be invested. When the cost of wind is cheaper than goal (carbon accounting is coming) investment will grow much faster.

Look at the government projections for how long and how much the Human Genome project was going to be. The plan was for it to take much longer and cost much more than it did. Trying to generic propecia alternative draw a road map of it's great! cialis alternative the next 10 years is hard, next 40 years harder than hard.
Renewable energy depends on fossil fuels.
written by Keith, October 01, 2010
Why 40 years? Renewable energy depends on fossil fuels if it isn't backed up by battery-power or some other method of storage.
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Exponential growth
written by Rojelio, October 03, 2010
Interesting observation about the human genome project. This project was considered slow, overbudget etc..but due to the miracle of exponential growth, the bulk of the project was actually finished at the very end. In the next 5 months doubling time we will sequence the same amount of DNA that has been sequence in all of recorded history.
Pleasingly, we see solar and wind energy on that trajectory. The thing that concerns me is that there are more physical obstacles to much of the renewable energies, like if you want to put up a windmill, it takes alot of buy sildenafil viagra oil and concrete to get that done. Scaling up renewables won't be as easy as getting better computer chips every year.
C'mon People
written by Steve, October 05, 2010
Fossil Free - c'mon! Do you really think the levitra delivered overnight Danish military is going to run around in battery powered tanks, airplane, and boats. They have to be compatable with NATO,so how in the world can they make such a sweeping claim! If you don't buy the military example, how about any aircraft associated with Denmark. Do you know of any electric airplanes or helocopters in service today? What about medivac? I can see it now "sorry lady, we would have sent the helocopter to evaluate you sick child to 50 mg tramadol the hospital, but we don't have any fuel" C'mon folks, fossil fuels in one form or another will be with us until us ain't no more!

Hee Haw Haw!
written by Sapoty, October 06, 2010
I love watching the squirming of suckers who believe the BS put out by the fossil fool industry. Like the nongs who suffer cognitive dissonance about the concept that wind turbines spread over a large region have a very reliable distribution of wind.

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