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OCT 04

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"@Richard Davine Sorry, scaling down of windmills doesn't seem a good i..."

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Portable Wind Turbines Can Follow the Wind

Before a wind farm is built, a long time - often years - goes into figuring out exactly where to order no rx cialis place the turbines so that they harness an optimal amount of wind energy.  But what if you had the ability to move a wind turbine to a different spot whenever the wind changes?

That's the idea behind the Mobile Wind Turbine concept designed by Pope Design.  The turbine is mounted to hybrid truck that runs off energy supplied by the turbine or a diesel generator when the batteries completely drain.  When the truck is parked, the turbine can be erected and where to get viagra start producing electricity.

It's unlikely that an entire wind farm would be made up of these, but for places like military bases, schools or businesses where only one or a few would be used, they might be ideal for maximizing the amount of clean energy that's generated.  Also, a mobile wind energy generator would be a perfect solution for emergency disaster relief operations.

via Inhabitat

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Follow the wind...
written by Josh, October 04, 2010
By the time the turbine is moved, it might be windy again at the old location. Do you move back? It seems to me that this is a "dog chasing it's tail" and it would lead only to indecisive choices on where to site the viagra uk buy online turbine. So much energy would be wasted relocating this thing that any gains would be wasted.

Properly site fixed turbines and be done with it.

Now - mobile platform for remote operations (military or the other) is an idea. But talk about making yourself a visible target...
"Would be perfect"?
written by Fred, October 05, 2010
Whoa, Nellie!

I think you mean "Might do very well in the right situation".

If I needed to on line viagra canada criss-cross the great plains or the Gobi desert, and I also needed a near-constant power source, then this might fill the bill.
Good applications, but not to follow the wind.
written by Jeff C, October 05, 2010
I think this is a good idea, but not to follow the wind. It would be a good demo unit to place in an area to show people how loud and high a permanent installation would be.

The disaster relief power is a good idea too. Not for medical issues, or important things like that, but for general public use of power, it would be nice.

It is probably a good way to do a site test as well. If a builder could rent this for a month instead of collecting data for a year or so, it would speed up the construction of turbines.
written by sarah, October 05, 2010
How long would it take to erect? could it be moved short distances upright? interesting idea to have portable units. I'm wondering how often they would potentially be moved what is the cialis headaches unmet need here? could they be used in the calculation phase of cialis free pills building a wind farm for maximum capacity? might a separate crane and flatbed or hitch work as well?
written by TipThePlanet, October 09, 2010
How much power will the truck require? I don't think this is a good idea. If it takes the truck 10 minutes to go to a windy place, it might not be that windy when it gets there. The truck just wasted the energy generated by the turbine.
Think Tank Guy
written by ihaveaphd, October 14, 2010
I think everyone is missing the real advantage of these trucks. All we have to do is drive the trucks with the turbines erected and we will "make our own wind!" Even if the buy generic cialis wind is perfectly still, we will have all the clean energy we want. That's a win-win, my friend.
Great idea.
written by Richard Davine, October 14, 2010
If it could be used for the military it can be scaled down and used for camping, and I like that. Groovy concept I say and I'd like to see it on several scales from back-pack, trunk of your car, trailer sized, to this pictured version for some fabled Thunderbirds rescue mission or more likely a military HQ.
Damn cool money for your miss penny I'd say.
written by Steve, October 14, 2010
Definitely a great idea for disaster relief or massive power outages. Bring a few of those bad boys and let them charge batteries for home battery generators.
kite energy nape turbines and Katvats kite energy trees VAWT wind or water
written by ken upton, October 14, 2010
go to Eureka Findlay media . search my name . Kenapes can be made any size. Our charity just need some good sponsors of partners . Already our REH principles make the cheapest KWH in the world . Since Atlantis has copied our ideas , we have even better updates and buy cialis online no prescription new REH principles ready for development
not for campside use
written by frisbee, October 14, 2010
@Richard Davine
Sorry, scaling down of windmills doesn't seem a good idea. Tests have unfortunatly shown that during its lifetime not even one small size windmill was able to produce the amount of energy needed in the production of the windmill itself. The only exception was a windmill home made out of recycled materials...

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