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FEB 08

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Wind Energy Now Cost Competitive with Coal

Wind power is now cost competitive with coal power in many parts of the world, according to a new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Over the past few years, as demand for wind turbines has grown, manufacturers have lowered their prices, meaning the cost of wind power has fallen and look there cheap cialis india will likely continue to remain competitive with fossil fuel power.  The Bloomberg study says that last year the cost per megawatt for turbines hit $1.33 million, which is 17 percent less than in 2007.

In regions of 50 mg tramadol Brazil, Mexico, Sweden and the U.S., wind power now costs $68/MWh and coal power costs $67/MWh.  Natural gas remains cheapest at $56/MWh.

This is great news for the future of wind power generation.  If it costs the viagra for sale online same as or less than fossil fuels, more people will realize that the choice is obvious.

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This is cause for celebration!
written by John Donnelly, February 08, 2011
I'm sure there is a long road ahead but this is viagra without prescription in uk great news. Thanks!
written by Jasmine, February 08, 2011
The most awesome thing I've heard all week.
Subsidized or real costs
written by Ross, February 08, 2011
Are these subsidized costs to the consumer, or are they actual costs of new production?
Coal is subsidized
written by Alex Schoenfeldt, February 09, 2011
Just think how it would be if the coal plants could not just dump their pollution into the commons for free.
written by Taylor, February 09, 2011
As great as this is, I have to take issue with your cause-and-effect economics. If demand rises and supply stays constant, prices go up! This looks more like a case of expanded supply vs. constant demand.
written by Mike, February 09, 2011
Sorry to purchase viagra overnight delivery rain on your cheerleading. In the real world, we have competition. If a competitor encroaches on your turf you deal with him. The coal producers of the world have immense reserves to mine and will simply cut the price to compete.

I predict that wind power will result in more coal production and at cheaper prices.
written by Tom, February 11, 2011
Would be great if you could provide the link to the Bloomberg study cited.
written by Penko Penev, February 14, 2011
And I think that wind energy will not affect the price of coal.
But energy prices in general will go down after the buy viagra no prescription required initial payback period of investment.
Can you post the link?
written by Chris, February 18, 2011
... to the original report.
I'd like to pass it on to an inquiry by the Australian Senate.

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