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JAN 27

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"Nice! Hoping allot of nations could do this in their farms and cialis online in canada alike...."

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UK Installing "Wind Farm Friendly" Radar

New radar facilities are being installed in Great Britain in order to "unlock" large sections of potential wind farm area for development. Because of potential interference, dozens of wind farm projects have been blocked by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). But now, the MOD has tested these new radar systems, and is satisfied that they will not suffer adverse effects from wind turbines.

One recent installation of a new Lockheed Martin air defense radar has let to the Ministry withdrawing its objection to five offshore wind farms that had been stalled over the issue. Wind farm developers are underwriting the cost of these new radar systems, but that investment could allow them to cialis from india build as many as 4 gigawatts of additional wind farms.

image: CC-BY 2.0 by Ken Hodge

via: NA Windpower

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computer recycling
written by Jeff Birks, February 03, 2012
The is an amusing irony here because the cheap viagra site UK is also designing radar friendly windfarms;
A very ECO Friendly Radar!
written by Friendly Guy, April 21, 2012
Nice! Hoping allot of nations could do this in their farms and alike.

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